Trident Gum: Which Flavor is Best?

When Amanda and I were at the grocery store a couple weeks ago, we saw a bunch of colorful packages of gum that were on discount.  We kind of lost our minds and bought 10 packs of gum (There were three big packs that came with three complete packages each.  They were on discount.  You have to take advantages of sales!)  When we got home, we thought,”What are we going to do with all this gum?”  The first thing that came to mind ,besides ,”Eat it!”, was make a review.  We got to work right away (partially so that we could try the new flavor, but…that’s beside the point)!


Most Trident gum comes with 14 (Layers) or 18 (Normal) pieces per package.  The Layers type has only 14 pieces and is more expensive than most other gum, but I’d say it’s worth every penny! The 18 piece pack is nice because most other brands of gum only come with around 14 sticks.  If you get the three pack, as pictured above, it will usually be at a lower price than if you bought three separate packs of the same flavor.


Chewing gum has been around since Ancient Greece.  It may not sound as tasty since they used plants, grass, and resin from trees.  However, modern gum didn’t arrive until 1860s.  Gum has certainly developed greatly since Ancient Greece!


So first is the Layers Limited Edition Candy Cane flavor.  This one is very minty but not as refreshing as you’d think it would be, for being “minty.”  I think it tastes like the Extra Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream gum.  Would we buy this again?  I’d probably say no.  First of all, it’s more expensive and has less pieces.  Next, I could probably buy the Extra gum mentioned before and it would be much cheaper. However, I do think it was a fun experiment and I can now say I’ve had candy cane gum!


Next, we have the normal Tropical Twist gum.  This gum is almost like a classic.  You pretty much always see it on the shelves at a grocery store.  This one is very fruity with a little twang at the end.  It ‘s like a lightning bolt, where it’s there one minute, but gone the next. Would we buy this again?  I’d say yes.  It’s a little cheaper then the layers gum and has more pieces.  Also, it tastes awesome!


Next is the Layers Grape Lemonade.  This is one of my favorite flavors of gum!  It’s very juicy and holds flavor for a long time.  I prefer lemonade over soda, so that may be why I like it. The combo of grape and lemonade are so perfect together, “put ’em together, they just make sense!”  Would we buy this gum again?  Yes!  Even if it is a few more cents and doesn’t have as many pieces, to me, it’s still worth it.

Last, but not least, is the most classic of all classic gums, Bubble Gum!  Bubble Gum has been around since 1928.  It’s color wasn’t meant to be pink, it was the only color Walter Diemer, the creator of bubble gum, had.  Even though it says “long lasting flavor” on the package, the flavor doesn’t hold that long.  I’d hate to see their version of “Short Lasting Flavor”!  Would we buy this again?  I’ve actually never been a fan of Bubble gum, but Amanda loves it, so we’re 50/50 on this one.  I do like to have it every once in a while though!