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My Thoughts On: “It Takes Two Flints to make a Fire”

It takes two flints to make a fire. –Louisa May Alcott

That quote is so interesting.  By itself, one flint is useless.  But with two, you can create a flickering pile of flames.

That idea is the truth behind teamwork.


It’s one of the things life is made for.

And no one knows teamwork better than my sister Rachel and I.

Every video that we’ve put together has been a team effort.  She’s mainly in charge of filming and taking pictures, while I get all the editing and script-writing.  It’s so cool to see how our different talents combine together and can create something as cool as a video (see our latest one here)!

Rachel and I are so different, and yet so similar!  We both have brown eyes and brown hair.  We both wear contacts.  And we both love filming.

But Rachel also enjoys cooking and gardening, while I would rather stay inside, write, and do graphics.


People’s differences are good.  If everyone in the world was the exact same, how boring would that be?  And how chaotic would it be if there were a bunch of me walking around?!

We can use our differences and mesh them together to create a wonderful product.

Rachel is very patient and a perfectionist.  That’s why she’s perfect for filming–she will wait for the perfect shot, and she’ll make sure that every detail is good before she starts filming.

I–as all of you know–am a licensed drama queen.  Well, maybe not licensed, but I should really come with a warning.  Anyway, since I’m very dramatic, I can be in front of the camera and do the voiceovers.

Also since Rachel is a perfectionist, she’s a very good person to watch the finished video.  I can trust her criticism and I know she won’t let one mistake get by.

I enjoy writing, so writing the script for the video and voiceover is right up my alley.


See how our differences work together so well?  It’s amazing.  God knew what He was doing when He gave me Rachel as a sister. :)

I’m pretty sure she and I were meant to be twins.  We can feel intense emotions, such as anger, pain, sadness, or happiness, when the other is feeling it.  We’re so in tune to each other that we make ideal piano duet partners because we can anticipate each other’s pace and dynamics.  We work very well as a team because of this.

Teamwork is a skill that we should all work on.  It’s easy doing it with a close friend or sister, but what about with someone who’s not your favorite person in the world?  What about someone who you just really don’t want to cooperate with?  Let’s try to work on our teamwork skills.

Psst!  A little extra note: Lots of times, Rachel doesn’t get her due credit.  Everyone thinks that I’m the brains behind the SKG, but she’s in it as much as I am!  The SKG isn’t necessarily “Amanda’s blog” or “Amanda’s newsletter.”  The SKG is a team effort!

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Comment below with tips on cooperation!

  • I don’t think I can express how much I appreciated and love this post..seriously so know when to time your posts! You both are soooooooooooooo sweet! You are so right because siblings are the best friends out there..and boy am I blessed! I have 5 sisters! :D I got your email last night and will try and get back to you soon! I know I am going to have a busy next I’m going to try and get it in on Sunday. :) You are such a dear friend Amanda. Please tell Rachel that I appreciate all the work she does for SKG too! You both are amazingly encouraging. I personally wouldn’t get up early for a newsletter. ;) Love you both!

    • Aw, you are amazing too, Julia! We love your blog as well, and I am so lucky to have such a great friend like you! :) I got your email, printed it out, and sat with it on the couch and read it. Did you know you typed five pages worth of text? :) Haha! We truly are writers.

      • Oh my! I really did that much!! Hahaa! I did take almost two hours writing it…but it was fun! :D I can’t wait to see your email. ;)