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7 Things We Can Learn From Wile E. Coyote


When I was little, I watched Looney Toons over and over again on the Boomerang channel.  I lived in a world where gravity didn’t exist until you looked down and realized you were about to plummet to your death.  I lived in a world of snarky rabbits and stammering pigs.

Well, we can actually learn some things from Looney Toons–particularly the character Wile E. Coyote.  Let’s take a look at Mr. Coyote’s wise words of wisdom, shall we?GiveUp

How many times did Wile try to catch Roadrunner?  Um 10–20–30 . . . well, a lot of times.  And he failed.  Every time.

But for some reason he kept on trying.  Maybe Roadrunner was the only food left in the desert.  Or maybe Wile was upset that for the millionth time he hadn’t been able to catch Roadrunner and that bird would be the only source of food he would consume.

Something caused this coyote to keep trying, despite the odds.


Seriously–this place has everything!  Jet-propelled unicycles, do-it-yourself tornado kits, iron carrots, earthquake pills . . . these would all come in handy so many times throughout our lives.  Fun fact: ACME is thought to stand for “American Company that Makes Everything.”


Know what you’re doing and then do it!  A key plan is simple and easy, with only two points and a third point to show what you will have accomplished once your plan is carried out successfully.  Also have a diagram to refer to.


And they also don’t respond to gravity as quickly as other things, providing for a comedic reaction before plunging to your death in a wide abyss.


Even when you’re bound to fail, the perfect outfit can assure that you go out in style.  Always think green and bat-inspired for an ominous look.


For example, roadrunners can’t read but look great with blonde wigs and big red bows.  Also, that dress is amazing on Wile.  And the shoes?  So retro-creepy-clown-vintage.

And last but least, we leave you with our seventh point:


What other wise wisdom has Wile E. Coyote imparted humankind with?  Rate this post five stars if you loved this show when you were little!


  • mia

    I love this post!!!!

  • I loved this show! But I always got so frustrated. I started to root for the coyote–I don’t know, I just felt bad for him as a kid. Same thing with Tom and Jerry! That poor cat. All he wanted was a little snack, and Jerry got the best of him every time! Maybe I was a messed up kid, but I always rooted for the bad guys….

    • I know right?! I was going to mention that in the post but was worried other people didn’t do that and thought it was weird to root for the “bad guy.” And Tom and Jerry–how long did that feud go on? They remind me of my two youngest brothers. They’re best friends one minute and at each others’ throats the next.
      Sometimes the bad guys really needed a break. :)

  • Lydia C.

    I loved that show when I was little (and I still do!)

    • It always made me laugh and I still do enjoy it too. ;) Porky Pig is my favorite because he’s so awkward! :D