How ToSummer



The water sparkles iridescently, as if asking you to enter. It’s a striking shade of aqua, and smells sharply of chlorine.

But you love it.

Without warning, you fling yourself back to gain momentum . . .

And then jump.

The water hits you sharply, its coldness shocking at first. But then your body gets used to the iciness.

The water ripples around you, and you enter into a quiet netherworld. You can’t breathe or talk—but you can watch and listen.

A rushing swoosh means someone else has joined you in the water. You see two legs and realize it was your brother.

You rustle your legs around and move, gracefully. You aren’t that lithe outside of the water.

Finally you don’t have any more breathe. You pop up out of the water and the world is tinged in green.

Happy summer!


Yesterday I went to the pool for the first time this summer. I was thrilled!

Summer is so amazing. Not only is my birthday in it (wahoo free stuff), but also the pool, camp, reading, and many other things.

It’s easy to get caught up in the responsibilityless-ness though. So how do you make sure you get some things done?


Well write down things you want to do. Like taking a photography/videography/hand-lettering course. There are plenty of blogs and websites that offer free courses. Take advantage of those things!

Also, during the summer it’s a good idea to read through the Bible daily. Ask a friend to be your accountability partner—it really helps!


Over the summer, read lots and lots of books—especially classics! Ask friends for book suggestions or look up an author whose book you enjoyed and try out some other books.

For a list of some of my favorite classics, check out this post.


Try to learn new hairstyles!  YouTube is a hairstyle how-to haven. If you can learn the normal braid, French braid, and Dutch braid, it will open many more doors for you. Cute Girls Hairstyles and Luxy Hair have really good tutorials.


Clean your room. Yeah, this sounds boring, but I love the feeling I get after I’ve cleaned my room. It might be a good idea to rifle through your closet and get rid of clothes you grew out of (unless you’re like me and you don’t grow very much). ;)


Learn how to bake! Cupcakes, brownies, whatever. These are good life skills—because who doesn’t like brownies?!

We’ve gotten some really good questions for our upcoming summer-themed Q&A video (Have a question?  Ask it here). Keep on the lookout for it over the next few weeks for more summer tips.

And make sure to check out last year’s bucket list! See if you can complete it.

What are YOUR goals for the summer?  Rate this post five stars if you love Olaf! ⛄️

  • Already got the last one down!! :)