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Ear Piercing 101: Everything You Need To Know

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Number one tip: Do not bring your brothers with you.

Mine kept asking thing like, “Are you sure about this?” “How badly will it hurt?” “Where’s the piercing thing?”

When I first went to the mall, I was honestly scared to death.  I thought getting my ears pierced would hurt really badly, but I was certain I would overcome the pain.

We stopped at the Piercing Pagoda and found some really good deals–free ear piercing if you buy a pair of earrings, as well as your second pair half off and your third pair free.

Click the image above to check out this post on about getting your ears pierced.

The lady seemed very confident, and I knew I could trust her.  And yes, I am talking in the above picture.  I can’t stop babbling even when someone’s about to poke a hole in my ear.

The lady then cleaned my ears and marked the spot with a marker where she would pierce.

Click the image above to check out this post on about getting your ears pierced.

Then, before I knew it, she had the piercing instrument in her hand and was counting to three.  A pain–perhaps like someone pinching you really hard–jolted through my ear, but was gone in seconds.  She then did the other ear and pronounced me done.

The whole entire process probably only took seven minutes.  The longest part was when my mom and the lady were trying to make sure that the holes were lined up.

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So girls, it really doesn’t hurt at all.

Flashback . . .

After my dad agreed to let me get my ears pierced, he smirked and said, “But when Zack turns 16, he can’t get his ears pierced.” (Zack is my twelve-year-old brother, by the way)

And I said, “Thank goodness for that.”

Click the image above to check out this post on about getting your ears pierced.

The lady told me the rules for taking care of my ear piercing so quickly, I could hardly even understand what she was talking about.  I just figured I’d look up a YouTube video when I got home.

Some main things to remember:



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  • Aliyah

    I got my ears pierced when I was like 7. It seriously didn’t hurt at all and I haven’t really dealt with infections either! :)

    • Aliyah

      Hey, why does it have a profile pic when I posted as a guest?

      • I set it so that when you post as a guest it has an automatic avatar of Audrey Hepburn. ;)

        • Aliyah

          Oh lol. I was like, what on earth?! She’s a great role model though. ;)

    • That is SO great! ;) It’s awesome when you get it done when you’re younger. That’s great you haven’t had to deal with infections!!

  • Maddy

    I got my ears peirced when I was 2 so I honestly don’t remember what it was like. Lol! I will say though, if you eat gets infected, then try A different type of earring. Mine are constantly getting infected! One week I can only wear gold but then the next week I need silver. It’s nuts! Thankfully there not doing back today like they were yesterday.

    • That’s great! Like you said, then you don’t remember. :P Ooh, thanks for the tip! I’m trying to be good and remember to clean them and twist three times a day. Wow, that sounds crazy! Glad you’re keeping up with it though . . . and feeling better!

  • caroline milburn

    I got my ear peirced when i turned ten. At least your dad wasnt making wierd faces or asking you if you were scared or telling you about the gun .So the two ladys made them lopsided! When my parents turned into the mall i was so nerv.ous. Mine hurt a while. But i got over it when we went tomy favorite thai restrant
    Now i wear earings sometimes on most specail occasions or when i feel like it. Once you have them a couple of years ignore that they will close up in two weeks. That might have truth behind it, but i have gone a little more than a month without some in

    Once you can go without them, sleeping in them is quite uncomfortable!
    Good luck!

    • ;) Oh my!!! Wow, yeah I guess that would’ve been bad!! I’m glad it turned out all right. :O
      Thanks for the tips! :) Yeah I definitely don’t want to wear earrings ALL the time . . .
      Oh yay haha! Yeah, sleeping is quite uncomfortable with them in . . . :O

    • Sarah Kate

      My mom hasn’t worn earrings for years. Only once in a blue moon just about, and her holes haven’t closed up yet. I wanna get mine pierced, but I’m a little nervous, and who wants to pay money?!? I did it myself once. :P

  • Thanks for writing this post! My sister and I are actually planning to get our ears pierced before school starts…and we’ll definitely have to remember your tips!

  • Rachel

    We (my sisters and I) were allowed to get our ears peirced when we were 13, and it was a big thing for us. My younger sister and I brought a couple friends, that were coming to our party afterwards. It was a lot of fun, but yes, kind of scary.

    • Ooh fun! ;) It seems scary at first, but after it’s done you’re kind of like, “Oh . . . is THAT what all the hullabaloo was about?!”