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My Thoughts On: “Only YOU . . . Can Make Your Life ‘Count'”


You guys have probably heard of the FitBit before.  If not, let me explain.

It’s a watch for fitness, and one of its many features is counting the steps you take every day.  Well, the other day, my 6-year-old brother Benjamin offered to take my mom’s watch and “get steps for her.”

But let’s think about this in an analogical way . . . if my brother Benjamin gets 5,000 steps for my mom–even though the watch says she’s done 5,000+ steps that day–is he really doing her any good?


We only have one life to live, and every single thing you do–every action, every thought, every deed–“counts” on your FitBit.  And someday you’ll have to account for all the steps you took . . . and all the ones you didn’t.

Just because your mom was a good person doesn’t mean that you’ll be a good person too.  Take your life into your own hands, and make the most of you life.

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  • caroline milburn

    that is a great reminder! Tanks so very much!

  • Rachel

    Wow, that is really thought-provoking! Thanks for the insight!

    • Haha I can’t fully claim the rights for myself lol . . . it was my mom’s idea. ;P She’s such a deep thinker! But thanks. :)