Qualities of a Five Star Book

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It’s a pretty much agreed upon fact.  Modern YA literature needs help.

A whole lotta help.

And while some people can read over the mindless ramblings (or “marshmallow fluff” as my mom calls it), I as a writer find myself constantly rewriting the plot as I go.

I’m actually quite hard on books and have this peculiar thrill when I’m tearing a book apart limb from limb.  Maybe I’ll be a book critiquer when I get older.

I can look past most everything else in the book if it is nice and clean.  But my ideal five — four — five-ish star book would have the following items:


Because totally realistic is not as much fun . . .

This is kind of three-parted.

Numero uno: The romances I see in YA tend to contain unrealistically, mysteriously handsome guys with the cliched “chiseled cheekbones” and dark hair.  What, is that, like, the mold for hot guys nowadays?

Numero dos: Please please please guys, lose the “I’m-so-not-pretty-but-this-really-cute-guy-looks-through-me-and-sees-I-am-beautiful-on-the-inside-and-whoopee-yahoo”.  While it is quite nice to think about, it’s so unrealistic it makes one’s eyebrow raise ever so minimally.

Numero tres: There are other romances that just seem to be thrown in there because, I mean, what bestseller hasn’t ever had romance (let’s consider this)?  They’re like oh we need another plot twist . . . hmm . . . okay let’s throw in this guy and see what happens.  He doesn’t mesh with her?  Oh well, I’ll just kind tweak this and tweak that and aw they were a match made in Heaven!

Numero cuatro: Yeah I snuck this one in here, but I had to rant about this.  I read a book the other day that probably was plotted out by a two and a half year old.  A 15-year-old girl meets this 18-year-old guy who has a creepily obsessive crush on her and, within an hour of their meeting, her mom lets her go gallavanting around New York with him.  What parent in their right mind would do that?!  Please just tell me.  The unrealistic-ness of this situation makes me cringe.


Because those are just the best . . .

Okay, I’m a sucker for these.  You know, those poignant passages laced with words saturated with emotion.  Those pages where you could just close your eyes, point, and you have a hand-lettering worthy sentence.

Those sentences you wish you could write yourself.


Noble is the key word . . .

I’m not going to go too far into this but, come on guys–books are going to have to start being rated like movies.  You can write a good book without any PG-13.

Sure, it might not become a movie or make it to the top of the New York Times bestsellers . . . but who needs that, right?

*Little moans*


One . . . or both . . .

A.} Humor that makes me drop the book because I’m laughing so hard, or B.} a mysterious and deadly plotline that makes me look for monsters in the shadows at night.

I’ve always loved good humor, and the first YA book I ever read was so ingeniously laced with it.  I can appreciate a sassy, smart-aleck book with behind-the-scenes commentary.  And I can appreciate a sassy, smart-aleck book with this secret commentary that the character actually says to someone.  Haha!  If I were a book character, I’d be the one that always says what she thinks and gets in trouble for that a lot.

So lately I’ve been really interested in the whole Gothic novel idea.  Don’t reel back and say “Oh man that Amanda she’s a creepball!” See, Frankenstein and Wuthering Heights were some of the original Gothic novels.  I’ve found some more modern novels, some twists on stories such as Dr. Moreau’s Secret Island etc.  I think the Gothic novel is a story that mixes the supernatural with science–you know, the whole reanimating people thing with the lightning rods and screws.

If a book contains all of these, I’m sure to place it on my bookshelf in a Position of Greatness and tell all of my friends about it.

And that, ladies, is what a good book can do.

What qualities do you enjoy in a good book?  Rate this post five stars if you love good humor.

  • Emma

    Hey! This Is Emma from Impressions of Emma! I Agree with like everything you said about books!!! Also, I lone to write as well! Like seriously LOVE to write! I am in love with your blog, even though I just started reading it yesterday! Also, I was wondering if you have any advice about how to get my own blog well known, like out there per-say? and, how do you think of a new post every day? HOW EVEN??

    • Hey, Emma! Thanks for commenting. Aw, so so so happy you like it! ;) Hmm advice about getting your blog out there . . . well I myself am having a very hard time doing this! I’ve found, however, that several tips seem to help. First, make sure to tell all your friends. They’re pretty much automatic followers/readers! Second, go to your favorite blogs. They probably advertise other blogs like theirs. Click on those link and comment on a post you find and love.
      Haha, I actually don’t post every day–just three times a week. I’m a very creative soul and find inspiration in my daily life. If I’m going through a day wishing I had advice on making a bad day better, I take it upon myself to write that advice for girls going through the same thing. Hope that helped!

  • girlalert

    it is me again. I was just going to say I totally agree with you on your post above. Some very key points. Another question: on your very first key point (SEMI_REALISTIC LOVE) on numero cuatro (nice spanish by the way) were you talking about GirlOnline by Zoella cos I really loved that book.
    Oh and I almost completely forgot, this last part is for Amanda to read.
    I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice and support. I had to write it in this comment cos don’t want to offend you but you don’t seem to check your e-mails often or maybe you are just ignoring me, which I don’t think you are. So yeah. Thx again. And great post. :)


    • I actually was talking about that book. I loved the ending but the rest of it wasn’t exactly my favorite. I love Zoella anyway though!
      I get tons of emails every day and am also busy with school, soccer, piano, and life in general; my parents only allow me to check my email once a day for about an hour. I try to get around to as many emails as I can respond to daily, but it doesn’t always work quite well. :( I’ll try to do better when responding to your emails. Thanks for the heads up!

  • These are all very good points :) I like the first and last ones best! :)

  • Emily

    What’s your all-time favorite book? :)

    • Hmm . . . good question! I don’t know if I can answer haha . . . I guess I’d have to choose Wuthering Heights. I don’t know why, but I just adored it! I’d say Jane Eyre, but the beginning was pretty dull. What about you?