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We’ve all heard the story of Cinderella—the epic tale of a selfless servant girl who obeys her evil stepfamily without complaint and therefore, because of her nobleness, ends up securing herself a prince.

As most of you know, the Cinderella movie recently came out. I was quite excited to watch it and hopped online to read reviews to satiate my thirst for a few more weeks. I was absolutely astonished to stumble upon a trove of hate messages.

Bloggers took to the web soon after watching the movie, labeling it too much like the original story. One blogger labeled Cinderella as a submissive girl without a backbone.

Cinderella doing chores.

Meekness according to the world

The world today is looking for resilient, unapologetic, forthright women to be their heroes. Women who can fend for themselves and who always have something saucy to say. Women who don’t obey authority and are as aggressive and forward as they can get.

We have lost what a girl is supposed to be. Meekness is seen as weakness, but today I’d like to enlighten these opinionated writers.

Meekness according to me

Meekness is not weakness—it’s strength.

How easy is it, after being wronged, to lash out and attack? Then consider how much more difficult it is to keep your mouth shut, and to turn the other cheek as we are commanded. It takes strength to submit.

The dictionary defines meekness as submissiveness. What’s so wrong with being willing to obey? Why must we always feel the need to disobey, whether in spirit or actuality?

Cinderella singing while working.

A little story


Your mother has been dead since before you could remember, and your father recently died after marrying a well-to-do woman. After his death, her true colors emerged and she sentenced you to be her and her ugly (the whole ugly thing makes it ten times worse, huh?) daughters’ maid.

Wouldn’t it be so easy to snub your stepmother? Wouldn’t it be so easy to raise your head impudently and refuse?

But you don’t.  Because of meekness.

Then you open the door one day to get the mail. There, atop all the bills and other letters, is a fancy pink envelope. Your stepmother snatches it from you, smacking you smartly for even toying with the idea of opening the letter.

“You are all invited to a party . . .”

It’s for that guy you know. The really nice, really rich, really cute one. You beam—after all, the letter said you all . . .

“Of course you’re not going,” your stepmother says when you later mention the idea to her. “There’s so much to do.”

You respectfully say back that you’ve already done your daily chores. Your stepmother then grabs a vase lying next to her and, with a sardonic smirk, drops it to the floor with finesse.

“You’ll need to pick that up, dear. And glue every single piece back together. Then you may come to the party.”

The task is impossible. You feel like exploding, but the emotion won’t—can’t—come out. Your stepmother sweeps out of the room, leaving you alone with not only a shattered urn, but also a shattered heart.

Being submissive is getting harder and harder every second, huh?

Cinderella's reward.

Cinderella showed true strength by agreeing to serve her stepfamily. Who knows how long she continued attending to those ungrateful women. She showed extreme fortitude by always obeying.

A definition of strength

Strength isn’t being loudmouthed and never letting people get the best of you.

Strength is sometimes allowing people to wrong you. Strength is being willing to turn the other cheek when abused verbally.

However, this of course doesn’t mean we can allow people to manipulate us to their will.  There’s a fine line between being misused and abused.

The world’s idea of strength is weakening every day. Show real fortitude like Cinderella, and others will see that you have a heart of gold as did she.

Let me know if your fairy godmother stops by. Mine seems to be on vacation or something.

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  • Thanks, Anna!

  • Honey Dew

    I agree with you! Meekness is strength indeed. It takes a lot of strength to hold back. If we respond with a smart quip and a sassy attitude, that draws their attention to our response and allows them to disect and judge our tone and attitude. Don’t give the other person an opportunity to point a finger at you. Most of the time if we respond in kindness, the other person will eventually feel bad for what they said and how they acted. Let the situation simmer down and once they cool off, they may regret their actions to such a meek person.

  • Rachel

    That was great! It really made me think. And don’t worry, my fairy godmother has left me too. 😉😜

    • Thanks, Rachel! Haha, there must be a shortage on those . . . we’ll have to write a complaint letter. ;)