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What Am I Gonna Do? | Finding Your Future


Life can be scary.

The teen years are set aside — not to become popular, make mistakes, and mess your life up — but to hone our skills and decide what we want to do with our lives!

I’ve been very lucky. When I first started SKG fun, all I knew I liked doing was writing. Well, taking care of the e-magazine and the blog are formed by many components.

Through SKG fun, I have to

  • Lead a team of writers
  • Write
  • Advertise
  • Post on social media
  • Create review videos
  • Take photos
  • Create graphics
  • Do web design
  • Format the e-magazine

Whoa. That’s a lot!

And you know what?  I love doing it all!

For some people, finding what you want to do isn’t that easy; but I’m here to make it a little bit easier.

Step One

Know this: You don’t have to feel pressured to choose a career path right now! You’re only in your teen years. You have time!

Step Two

Pull out a sheet of paper (or print out my fancy cool sheet below).

Check out this neat printable from!Think of everything you love doing—everything! Even if it’s dumb, like buying notebooks or washing dishes.

Here’s my main list.


Okay . . . so now let’s expand your list! Put in little details. Like for writing, I’d say that I love writing humorous pieces full of satire/irony and lots of colorful, figurative language. I don’t like the straight to the point newspaper article type pieces.

Also, for graphic design, I enjoy advertisement things such as posters, business cards, newsletters, and blog buttons. I cannot stand making logos though!

Just because you enjoy sewing doesn’t mean you can start an Etsy shop that makes custom anythings. You might just like making totes or aprons. Feel free to escape the umbrella of your hobbies!

Step Three

Keep honing your skills. If you love baking, keep looking up recipes on Pinterest and adding to your portfolio. Experiment a little. Maybe you love desserts or Italian dinners, but casseroles aren’t up your alley. Here’s a little taste of hobbies and what you can do to hone them.





Of course, you can always pray about it. God can see all the way into your future, so why ask other humans whose own futures are as cloudy as dirty glasses?

Hope this post helped you guys!

Don’t go yet!

I have two announcements—one bad, and one good.

GOOD NEWS: The SKG fun website got a makeover! It looks rather snazzy, if I do say so myself. Poke around and check out all the coolness!

BAD NEWS: After our January review video, we will no longer be making review videos. Really super sad I know! But I’m in my junior year of high school and things are getting, to understate it, just a little hectic. Like I said though, we do have a final video scheduled for the end of January and who knows? Maybe one day we’ll be able to do them again. For now, check out all our review videos! Make sure to watch them on YouTube too so our numbers go up, and comment and give them thumbs up! Everyone who does this gets a virtual hug, balloon, and pet pony. Go now!

What hobbies do you enjoy doing? What was your favorite review video? Rate this post five stars if you love the new SKG fun look!

  • Adam Gear

    I LOVE the new look of your blog! Such a shame you won’t be doing the videos anymore though :(. However, I can totally relate to learning a lot from a blog.

    • Thanks, Adam! I’m super excited about the new look too. Yeah, the whole video things is really sad and I wish it didn’t have to be that way. :( Running a blog is extremely educational!