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“Snow” Happy: 5 Tips for Taking Snow Photographs

Snow looks very beautiful on our wonderful world, but lots of people think they can just pick up a camera and snap amazing photos. Here are some tips for making your snow photos beyond amazing! (I know they already are, right?)

One of the things I found most often is that it’s always beautiful to capture something close up. Far away, this is just a metal rod holding together a string fence. But up close, you can see the timeworn orange of the rusting pole, as well as the dainty icicles clinging to the thread.


What makes this picture beautiful are the ripples in the pond, the lacy fingertips of the trees to the right, the pair of geese floating idealistically through all the winter beauty, and the dark reflection in the water. This looks like some untouched oasis of snow paradise . . . even though it’s right near our house. In fact, right across the street!


Another snow scene. I don’t really care for all the house in the background, but all the footprints in the snow show people have been here before which is kind of artistic. However, there’s nothing really that first catches your attention so you’re left wandering through the photo looking for something worth peeping at. But nope–nothing really.


I love top shots! This one shows Rachel’s colorful hat and her super-cute braids . . . as well as a heart she made with her boots.


Of course, selfies are always a must. Rachel pulled me aside and we snapped one real quick. Then our aunt helped us take this really neat jumping picture! I think the sky helps make the picture so neat, as well as the layers of snow underneath us.


The pinecone picture is my favorite picture I took. Everyone was racing ahead of me, but I saw this pinecone–concealed in an icy cocoon–and just knew it was so photogenic. I snapped a few pics and I’m really happy with how they turned out. This is where getting really close helps seal the deal.

See the picture on the right? It’s pretty in it’s own way–all the spokes of green and the flaming blue sky up above–but there’s no center of focus. That’s why the picture on the left is way more appealing.


Another string picture, but even closer. You can even see the little droplets of water on the string!


I loves how this aqua bridge so audaciously peeped through the snow. I don’t care for all the dead branches, but the aqua overpowers that.

So, to round up:

  1. When in doubt, get close-up and personal. Most things in the winter are beautiful close-up. Well, except sticks. Please don’t be one of those people. ;)
  2. In landscape photos, you need a center focus that will capture the eye. A beautiful horizon also helps, as well as some kind of framing feature–the bows of a tree, for example.
  3. Top-shots are always super cute. How about one of your brother making a snowman?
  4. Jumping pics! Just make sure your jump is in sync and you’re both lifting your legs up and jumping really high.
  5. No ugly branch pics!

Find beauty in the white pureness around you, and your in for a treat.

We hope you guys got some snow this past week . . . but not too much!

What are your snow pic tips? Rate this post five stars if you love snow (in small proportions).

  • Sarah Kate

    The pinecone one would make a good watercolor. ;) I might try it. :p that’s probably my favorite one. Holly trees make beautiful snow pictures too.

    • That would be cool! I’d love to see what your watercolor looks like. :) Ooh, yes holly trees sound very beautiful!

      • Sarah Kate

        Umm, I think I would be scared to show anyone the attempts!!! Lol

        • Haha!! Well if it turns out I’d love to see it. :)

          • Sarah Kate

            All right, I’ll see what I can do. :)

          • Sarah Kate

            But you have to try it too. :P

          • Lol!!! I’ll try . . . ;)

  • Bella j.

    All those pics are wondefull!
    The snow makes everything absolutely beautiful!
    (but, for me, its only welcome for a little while lol;)
    I think my fave pic would be the one next to the pinecone one, I don’t know why but I just love that one!;) (even though it doesn’t have the center of focus haha;)

    • Thanks, Bella! The snow really does give everything a magical wonderfulness. Haha! I actually do like that one . . . I guess pictures don’t really have to have a center of focus. That one is abstract and fun. :)

  • Clara

    These photos are really great!

    • Aw, thanks Clara! :) Winter is so beautiful anyway–I find you just have to learn how to capture that beauty! :P

  • Madison

    Your pictures are really good :) I don’t have the patience for taking good pictures like that haha

    • Thanks Madison! :) It does take a LOT of patience . . . I lost mine a few times haha or else I would’ve had more pictures.