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Why Your Summer Reading List Should Include Classics

Need books to read this summer? Here's some reasons why you should add a few classics to your TBR list this pool season! Via, readers! What’s new with you?

I’m currently editing the SKG e-magazine. A lot of our writers, due to busy schedules, have had to postpone sending in their articles until this week. And the e-magazine is supposed to be sent out next week! Talk about cramming. But hey, I enjoy editing it as much as I know you guys enjoy reading it!

Right? Amiright? *blank stares*

Well, this post is not going to be a long epistle of the horrors of my life schedule. A post on that topic would be much too long to be of any entertainment. No, instead I’d like to babble on a bit about summer reading!

Guys–it’s nearly here. Summer. Glorious, wonderful summer!

*Tears of joy*

I don’t know what y’all are planning on doing, but amidst a schedule full of camps of all different varieties, I really just want to sit on the porch outside and read classics as birds serenade me and the sun beats gently on my face.

. . .

In reality, my brothers will be screaming bloody murder, the birds will annoy me because they only know one variety of tweet, and I’ll just get freckles and sunburn. But hey, here’s to being optimistic!

So, the other day I finally put Pride and Prejudice on hold after years of hearing friends speak of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. I was craving a really good classic and have always wanted to read a Jane Austen, so I went with the old cliché and picked Pride and Prejudice as my first Austen book.

I was amazed at how applicable this book is, regardless of the fact that it was written—what?—nearly 200 years ago!

So why–why, why, why, Amanda please tell us why should we read classics? (And it doesn’t just have to be this summer)

Need books to read this summer? Here's some reasons why you should add a few classical books to your TBR list this pool season! Via

From The Good Earth to Jane Eyre, classical books are the perfect way to immerse yourself in time past. Travel ancient Asia in the shoes of a farmer who works his way to prestige and realizes what’s important in life, or view the world through the eyes of strong, independent Jane Eyre, one of the first literary female heroines.

I love reading about carriages, and laughing at the atrocity of being seen in a dirty petticoat. I mean nowadays you walk into Walmart and see grown women in SpongeBob SquarePants pjs.#LadyCatherineWouldBeAstonished

*sighs* How times do change!

Need books to read this summer? Here's some reasons why you should add a few classical books to your TBR list this pool season! Via

Obviously, a lot has changed since the days of the fabulous Bronte sisters. However, even more facets of life remain the same.

In Pride and Prejudice, there are flirtatious girls, match-making mothers, egotistical men, and the occasional guy whose only concern is what he ate for breakfast. Any of these sound familiar?

There are, of course, universal truths that expand time and location. In classics, you’ll discover many facts that apply to even today’s age. Such truths about love and faith have remained the same since the dawn of time, and will remain the same for forever.

Need books to read this summer? Here's some reasons why you should add a few classical books to your TBR list this pool season! Via

You cannot just pick up Scarlet Letter and quickly speed through it.

Uh uh.

That’s some thick molasses you’re attempting to read. And while it is a challenge, the feeling of completing a classical book is worth it. So grab a dictionary and if you don’t know the word, guess! Use the context of the sentence and good common sense to hypothesize what such words as entail, felicity, and disapprobation (all these are found extensively in Pride and Prejudice, as well as amiable, which all the eligible women in the book are described as) could possibly mean. Then go ahead and look it up in a dictionary! It will really bring the book to life.

And maybe you can use one of them there fancy schmancy words at dinner and your parents will be so proud of you!

What are your favorite classical books? What are some books on your summer to-read list?

  • Lydia C.

    I am so ready for summer!!! Especially since that means I can read :). I wasn’t super excited about reading the classics until about two or three years ago when I had to for my homeschool curriculum, and now i LOVE them. The Scarlet Letter was a very good one that I had to read this year, though it was one of the saddest books that I have read. Some other classics I love are To Kill A Mockingbird and The Call of the Wild. I actually haven’t read any of Jane Austen’s books before, but I will look into those!

    • I know right, me too! I’m so ready to read. Scarlet Letter really was terrible . . . the ending especially! It was so close to happiness, I could taste it. I’ve read To Kill A Mockingbird before! That was another super sad one.

      • Sarah Kate

        Yes, the ending of The Scarlet Letter was exactly like that!!! They were so close to happiness… and then a miserable ending. I need to read the ending again, it was so awful. Why do I enjoy reading the terrible parts again?!?

        • I guess the terrible parts are more lifelike than we like to admit. :O And sometimes it’s nice every now and then to read a book with a not-so-happy ending. Sometimes endings are too predictable.
          By the way, thanks for all the amazing comments!! :)

  • Clara

    I can’t wait for summer! I have a huge reading list all ready for when I get done with school!
    I love classics to! I have so many favorites! I really enjoy Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, Great Expectations and Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, just to name a few! Great post, Amanda!!

    • Haha same here! Long live the ever-growing To Be Read lists. ;)
      Those sound great! I’m going to try some more Austens, but who knows. I may take a stab at some Dickens.