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Little Miss Manners: Meeting and Introducing People

What is the proper way to introduce people? How can your conversation with a new person go smoother? Find out at

When I hear the word manners, I think of two things.

  1. Forks. Lots and lots of forks. And
  2. Big hats.

But obviously, that’s not all that manners encompasses. Every time I hear of manners classes, I roll my eyes. But then when I am in a situation where I need to introduce my friends to each other or pick out the right fork, I’m just like . . . “Uh oh.”

Well, no more uh-ohs from this girl! What about you?

So first, let’s talk about the basics.

What is the proper way to introduce people? How can your conversation with a new person go smoother? Find out at

Now I don’t know about you, but being a homeschooler never lent itself to introductions. Most of my friends were in the same circle, and the circles don’t mix. But now that I’m getting older, the circles are mixing. Like those single jars of peanut butter and jelly at the grocery store (WHOSE IDEA WAS THAT).

What I’ve found to work like a charm is introduce the person, include where you know them from, as well as a fun fact the people could bond over. For example:

“Mrs. Hahn, this is Alice. She goes to school with me, and she’s an amazing artist! Alice, this is Mrs. Hahn. She’s a really good family friend and she loves cooking microwaved meals for her family.”

See? (Psst . . . for tips on remembering names, visit this post)

And notice how I introduced the older person to the younger person (POINTS!). That’s seen as respectful (although if I were the elderly person, I’d just be insulted to know that in the pair I’m considered “older”).

Now, a lot of times you’re going to meet new people and not have an intercessor to break the ice. So just go simple and say, “Hi! My name is Samantha. What’s your name?” Oh, and something else. If you know the person from somewhere, don’t just ask “Remember me?” because if they don’t remember you, you’ll both just be standing there awkwardly.

You: Well this is awkward . . .

Other person: #STALKER

So! Just give them a little reminder. “Hey, my name is Mary Ellen! I pushed you over in the mud back in preschool. It’s good to see you again. Mudless and all.”

What is the proper way to introduce people? How can your conversation with a new person go smoother? Find out at

Once you’ve introduced yourself comes the really awkward “now we have to talk” realization. When you were younger, it was okay to randomly ask “what’s your favorite color?” or “what animal do you like?” to keep the conversation going. But now, it may be best not to be so random.

Perhaps you’re at a graduation. Ask how Mrs. Hahn knows the graduating senior. Or maybe you’re at a wedding. Ask how they liked the cake, or comment on the main colors of the wedding.

Basically, just remember how selfish humans are. We do love talking about ourselves! So just keep them babbling for thirty minutes and they’ll go home thinking you’re the sweetest person ever . . . when in reality they gave a running commentary of their life story.

Okay, and two other tips. If you’re talking to a group, keep making eye contact with everyone. You’ll notice that if you come into a conversation and the person doesn’t want you there, they’ll avoid eye contact with you. But if they do want you involved, they’ll pull you in by consistently peeking over at you and including you. It’s like an invitation.

And also . . . listen. Yeah, we’re all guilty of this. Ask a question, phew my job is over. OH NO they stopped talking! Now I have to ask another question. Ah there they go rambling. My work here is done.

Nooooooo! You asked the question. Listen to the answer!

And for bonus points, remember to . . .

  • Use polite words (please, thank you, etc.).
  • Be respectful when talking to adults.
  • Tell the story the way it happened (Yes, I’m preaching to myself. I am the queen of exaggerating.).
  • Use discernment. Don’t gossip or dis other people. Everything you think doesn’t have to be said!

Well, look at you, you polite person you! Grab a fancy embroidered napkin, a big hat, and a fork ’cause I’d like to have a tea party with you!

Forgetful like me? No problem. Download our free little miss manners reminders list by clicking the image below!


When have you needed to use manners? Do you introduce people a lot? What new aspect of manners did you learn?

  • Sarah Kate

    I tend to just stand around awkwardly until someone introduces me, and then after that, I stand around awkwardly some more. :P And then when I introduce friends, sometimes I’ll forget and just assume they already know each other. Heh heh. (laughs lamely) Yeah, pulling out their phone does seem really rude, but I guess around certain friends, we pull out our phones and thumb through pictures, laughing and talking about them, and that’s just the way we hang out. And other times, with the same friends, we actually talk face to face, which is way more fun. :) Maybe it’s our lack of manners with this certain group, or maybe it’s just we’re such good friends we don’t care. Which doesn’t really make sense. :/ (yeah, I’m talking about my friends, not making an example of the rest of you!)

    • Same here!! When I was little, I loved taking risks and introducing myself to people. But now it’s just so awkward. Like starting a conversation?? Not my talent.
      I do that too!!!! Then I realize later that I was really polite and I shall never be a true princess.

      I agree! Around certain friends sharing pictures is a way of communicating. I guess as long as you aren’t texting someone during a conversation with a real live person, it’s okay to be on your phone.
      haha!! Once you’ve been friends with people for a really long time, you notice certain rules start flying out the window. It’s nice in a way!! Much more real and relaxed.

  • bayray

    Ooooo I loved this post!!!! People have such bad manners anymore!! Ive heard that southerners have much better manners than northerners,, I don’t know if that’s true but I do know that some people really need to read this post lol!;) One of my biggest pet peeves is when I’m talking to someone and they PULL OUT THEIR PHONE. *cringes* That really gets me!! lol;)

    • They really, really do. :O I’m not sure if southerners have better manners than northerners . . . I do know we just tend to hide our emotions better lol!
      YES!!!!! You understand me. Haha! That is one of my biggest pet peeves too. It makes me feel so unimportant. What, a piece of metal is more important than a conversation with super cool awesome me? Just kidding. ;)

  • These are really good tips that I know will come in handy often! :)

    • Aw thanks! :) Glad you liked it.