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Ten Years From Now . . .


Hiya, friends! (Let’s be real–it’s SUPER HARD to come up with post intros . . .)

Have you ever wondered where you’ll be in ten years? OF COURSE YOU HAVEN’T. Because you have a life whilst I just sit around all day contemplating the future. But let’s get real for a second. Hey, have any of you guys ever played the game MASH? Ya know, you write down a bunch of houses and salaries and jobs and guys and then you slowly eliminate them by chance until you have this conglomeration of house, salary, job, number of children, and guy. When I was little and played this game, I always discovered I would live in a trailer home, be a professional pooper scooper (and yet my salaries was $1,000,000 . . . guess I’m saving up for the kids’ college huh?), and mother to about twenty kids.

Well, I’m going to make a guess at my life in ten years and, if we’re all still around, I’ll return in ten years and compare my life. Hopefully, I shan’t be disappointed.

And psst . . . I want to know your answers too! Comment them down below and you can check back later and compare too.

First of all, let’s just remember in ten years I’ll nearly be 27. So I’ll be, like, OLD, ya know.


Let’s start with the house. I don’t know why, but let’s.


A few months ago, I was on my way to a soccer game when I saw THE MOSTEST BESTEST CUTEST HOUSE EVER IN EXISTENCE. Cuddled in a corner of our downtown area, it stood in a paradise of overhanging trees. It was Victorian. It was hugeish. It was made of this weather beaten white stuff (don’t know what the word is but it wasn’t brick that’s for sure) AND it was covered in this gorgeously green moss and ivy. I could see myself in the window, with my hair in a cute bun and with my glasses on, chugging out my latest novel.


I’ll be a professional graphic designer . . . I’ll probably own my own business and do marketing and graphics for it (AHHHHH THEY BOTH GIVE ME SUCH A BUZZ). I already know what my graphic design company name is going to be . . . but I won’t tell you so you don’t run off and steal it. NAUGHTY NAUGHT PERSON.

Of course, I’ll also be a multipublished author. I’ll write YA novels (because that is a genre that needs all the help it can get), both the feely type but also fantasy. Right now I’m working on a retelling of the pied piper. I can’t figure out if the main character is gonna fall in love with the pied piper. She’s confused about him. I’m confused about him. HE’S JUST SO CONFUSING AND SENDING US THESE MIXED MESSAGES AND AHHHHH oh wait I’m in charge of writing him ACK I’m the complicated one.


I’ll probably have at least two kids by then. A boy and a girl, preferably. I already like the name Blaise, Genevieve, and Evangeline so I have plenty to choose from. I’m not very good at guy names though. In books I write I always sit there for a few minutes scratching my head.

Uh . . . Bob. Henry. BOB. Charlie. BOB. Bill. Simon. BOB IT MUST BE BOB!!

Don’t worry, I always get through it. Eventually.

Where will you be in ten years? What do you want to have accomplished in ten years?

  • Sarah Kate

    I’ll realize that my mom was right about everything and I’ll thank her profusely for all she’s done for me. But before that I’ll learn to sign out of my Disqus account so she doesn’t embarrass me. In 20 years I’ll be embarrassing my own children.

    • I love this oh my goodness how didn’t i see this a year ago!!

      • Sarah Kate

        Omw, I didn’t even see that. *face palm*
        Thanks a lot, Mom. :P

  • Korbyn

    I’ll be 24 and either still in school getting my Ph.D or I’ll be a certified personal trainer. Not sure which one to choose yet.

    • You smart person you! Lol ;) I’m a silly artist all the way! No room for math in my brain hehe . . .

  • kaleigh

    I would be almost 27, a certified EMT or Paramedic, married with one or two kids, and living in the country!

    • Awwww sounds amazing!!

  • Sarah Kate

    I’ll be a professional actress, voice actress, star on all the interesting audio dramas and movies, and live in my log cabin in the middle of the woods with my farm and my midwifery practice.
    And I’ll be 26. And a half. :)

    • Wow that sounds amazing!! Remember me when you’re famous lol.

      • Sarah Kate

        Sure. Maybe we can write a book together and then you’ll get famous too. :)

  • Rachel

    Well, first off, I’ll be 27 too. I guess that’s what happens when our birthdays are exactly 3 months apart. I’d like to be in a cutesy little house, or apartment…but I wouldn’t mind a mansion either. I guess anywhere would be okay. I also hope to married to and living with the guy who helped buy the cutesy little house or apartment or mansion. And I hope we’d have at least one kid. Maybe more. I also hope to be teaching middle school, cuz I’m just that weird.

    • Yay!! We’re exactly three months apart. :) Haha yes the mansion wouldn’t be too bad. I love the teaching middle school idea!! You’d be great at it. :)