BE BRAVE } And Also Why Are People In Movies So Brave

Being brave is hard.

Take it from someone who knows. I’m a wee little chicken. *cluck cluck*

It always amazes me when I watch those scary movies (YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT). All those people are soooooo brave!! Like those dudes always agreeing to go into creepy haunted mummy caves when we all know the mummy is gonna come alive and eat their eyes out or whatever they do. And yet they still run in there like it’s BOGO Day at the Dollar General.


Or what about Jurassic Park. *don’t get me started* What bugs me the most are the people who have been on that island like three thousand times and yet they always go back. AND OH MY WORD SO MANY PEOPLE DIIIIIIEEEEED IN THE FIRST ONE. It was quite depressing and got my heart rate up. And then they always escape just in time and are flying away on the helicopter with that absolutely false-advertising song that sounds so majestic. But no, Jurassic Park is absolutely terrifying. What person in their right mind would be like let’s put crazy man-eating dinosaurs in a glass cage and hope they don’t break out and people are stupid so they’ll ACTUALLY PAY MONEY to go get eaten.


So wait, let’s get back to the point . . . which is . . .

Well, first off, they’re making like three bajillion dollars every hour because they’re actors/actresses. (I might fight off a velociraptor or two if I could get a gig like that.)

But, secondly, the characters go on these amazing adventures because it provides a story. It provides a plot, and more importantly: THE EVER IMPORTANT CONFLICT. *throws confetti in the air*

What I’m trying to say is don’t just be content to have a “normal” life! In the words of the ever-verbose, unpronounceable-shake-name-drinking captain of The Axiom from Wall-E:

I’m not saying to go jump off a cliff or throw yourself into a volcano. That’s not being brave, that’s just being stupid. But if you don’t ever do crazy things, you won’t have cool stories to tell your grandkids. You won’t be able to be proud that you took that chance, grabbed that chance, did the impossible.

It’s easy to play it safe.

But have you ever read a book or a movie in which the person had a perfect life? NOPE. And that’s why we love reading books and watching movies. We like watching people come out of impossible circumstances, maybe a bit scathed, but still alive . . . and possibly better off.

Mummy movies

I will not go back into that Egyptian tomb.

Unless there is a sequel.

Then #WhatAreWeWaitingFor

Jurassic Park

I’m alive.

And have all appendages.

And I’m gonna need therapy.

So, do you wanna be brave? Hint: say yes!! This is your week to be brave. Let’s do something brave together!

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What is your favorite scary (or “scary”) movie? Why do you think those people are so brave?! Do you think you’re brave?