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Best Fantasy Books: Getting Ready for SKGfun 6_3

The third SKGfun issue of the year is in the works as you read this post, and the featured genre this time is fantasy . . . which is one of the coolest genres ever!! I mean, in this genre, there are no rules. Anything and everything can happen! In preparation for this epic upcoming magazine, here are some fantasy books I’ve read AND LOVED (at least mostly).

Meryl and Addie are as close to each other as they are different. Meryl is brave and blonde with beautiful pale skin, while Addie is timid and brunette, with coarse skin. A plague has been terrorizing their kingdom, and Meryl and Addie agree that Meryl will find the cure for the disease one day. But then the unthinkable happens . . . Meryl gets the disease. Will Addie overcome her fears and save her sister?

This book is so full of the feels

Read with caution

The ending will destroy your soul and you’ll feel like a dead raisin but it’s worth it

Nix’s father is a Navigator. That means that he, using real maps (the ones actually hand-drawn by cartographers) can TRAVEL THROUGH TIME. He can even travel to fantasy lands, if he so desires.

But he doesn’t.

The only thing he really wants is to go back to 1868 and find Nix’s mother. Even if going back could erase Nix’s existence . . .

For a hilarious, more in-depth review, check out this review on my personal poetry/anything else blog.

Azalea and her sisters love dancing. But when their mother dies, they are plunged into a colorless world. Dancing is forbidden, the curtains are drawn, and mourning commences. The girls’ father withdraws and, in their loneliness, the girls fall prey to the mysterious Keeper who allows them to dance in his magical pavilion every night. But all magic comes with a price . . .

Check out our super cool book review video here!

Jonathan needs to find the cure to the deadly plague sweeping through his world. He begins experimenting with fantillium, a chemical that allows its user to experience hallucinations and enter alternate dimensions. Will Jonathan be able to save the king . . . and himself?

And if you need a laugh . . . check out this book’s author’s blog. IT’S DA BEST.


Leah Westfall is perfectly normal.

Okay . . . I was lying. She has the ability to detect gold which, during the American Gold Rush, is the difference between riches and poverty. When her evil uncle discovers her secret, he murders her parents. Leah escapes for the moment but is in danger from her uncle . . . and anyone who could use her power. If she can just get to California, maybe she’ll be able to start a new life for herself and get away from her uncle.

But . . . what if she can’t?

Kahlen belongs to the Ocean. She’s a Siren, which isn’t a problem at first. She has unhuman beauty and is immortal; sounds pretty great, right? Well, of course, Kahlen has to go and fall in love WITH A HUMAN.

Will the Ocean keep him from her? And what happens if Kahlen uses her power on the boy she loves, destroying both herself and him?

Yes the cover is ugly

But work with me here

Mrs. Frisby (who is a mouse SURPRISE) is in trouble. Her son, Timothy, has a terrible illness that has rendered him unmovable. But the farmer whose land she lives on is going to be plowing the field, and her house will implode. She has no other choice but to turn to the rats of NIMH. These rats were operated on by scientists and became extremely intelligent. For years, they’ve been hiding in a thorn bush experimenting with electricity and the like.

Can Mrs. Frisby convince the rats to help move her house before it’s too late? (I feel like I keep saying “before it’s too late” in all these reviews)

Have you read any of these books? Which one(s) will you try? Which ones would you add?

  • Grace Anne Johnson

    I LOVE the Two Princesses of Bamarre!

    • THAT BOOK WAS THE BESTEST!! Honestly made me SOB at the end . . . so feel-y!

  • Emma Bigelow

    I’ve read the first three books on the list (Entwined, The Girl from Everywhere, and The Three Princess of Bamarre) and Siren. I loved all of them :) Everybody should read these amazing works of fantasy!

    • Yay so glad you’ve read these! I can’t choose a favorite among them but I think The Girl from Everywhere has the prettiest cover!

      • Emma Bigelow

        oh yes definitely! I love it <3