Drop Everything and Read These Blogs Right Now!

I must admit it: I am a blog fiend.

I’m a sucker for pretty blogs with brush-lettering headers, colorful photography, and witty posts. Here’s just a few of my favorites (if you are not on this list and believe you should be, leave me a piece of cake in the comments below and I shall talk to the elves upstairs and see what they can do for you).

And no, I am totally not biased when I said these writers are the best of the best.

The Barefoot Gal I don’t know she’s kind cool I guess*

Lethologica She writes. She arts. She photographs. What doesn’t she do.

Totally Graced GRACE AND I LIVE IN THE SAME STATE AND WE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT LIKE WHAT?? I went to The Music Man in town and posted about it on Instagram and then Grace wrote me and was like uuuummmm i think i was in the play you went to. And just so y’all know, she did a fab job.

Loud and Clear Beautiful musings by JacyRayn about life and God; inspirational bits that will turn you into the go-getter you were meant to be

*THAT IS OBVIOUSLY A JOKE Julia is one of my besets friends and we’ve never even met in real life but we are the queens of Long Texts

This color scheme is making me hungry

It reminds me of like a raspberry flavored muffin or maybe some cute frappucino thing

The Introverted Extrovert Photography = perfection and don’t we all related with being introverted extroverts . . .

Abbiee She’s witty and talented, basically my two favorite personality traits.

Autumn’s Readings + Writings This whole blog just seriously pleases my eyes plus she interviewed Julia so she’s pretty cool in my book

Freehand Studio by Aliyah Aliyah is just the sweetest human AND she’s immensely talented but still super humble!! <3

Paper Fury Honestly Cait just has the bestest personality of ever. The sass is strong with this one, and she lives in Australia and can make fun of both Australians and Americans without making either feel bad. Also . . . koalas.

Books for Christian Girls IT’S HARD TO FIND DECENT READING. But this blog perfectly and often-ly (not a word but go with it) posts reviews that will have you pulling out your bookworm bookmarks and brandishing them in the air for happiness.

The Scribbling Sprite WHY ISN’T SHE POSTING ANY MORE THIS IS SADNESS!! Honestly half the books I read last year were suggested by her blog. I loveeeeeed it where did she go. *stalks on Twitter begging Ally to come back*

A Beautiful Mess There’s food. And crafts. What else can I say.

Clementine Creative She’s so talented and sweet (I love bloggers that actually take the time to interact with me) PLUS you can get a free monthly planner!! Ooh!!

Paper & Stitch IT’S JUST . . . OH . . . MY HEART . . . I CAN’T . . . SOMEONE TAKE ME TO HOBBY LOBBY . . .

Printable Crush Two words: Free. Printables. Also, there’s an amazing Mother’s Day DIY gift post which I may or may not use . . .

PinkPot This is more of a business kind of DIY blog but I stuck it in here because I’m a rebel.

A Clothes Horse — When I grow up, I want to look like Rebecca. <3

Alantic-Pacific — Once again . . . the photography . . . it makes me so happy!!


Elle Storset — I just found this blog today and WOW. THE PHOTOS. LIKE IF I HAD THAT TALENT . . . *dies*

That’s all for now, folks! ;) Enjoy these blogs and let me know what you think.

  • Grace Anne Johnson

    You are so sweet!!! <3<3<3

  • Aliyah Burton

    *squeals* these are so funn!! I love Elle Storset and (obviously) Julia & Sarah’s blogs!! Such fun inspiration, thanks for sharing <3

    • *that moment when you forgot the most obvious blogs of ever* I added you to the list haha. ;) I knew I would forget someone! And this was Julia’s idea so she’s a genius lol. Hope you found some new favorites!!