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I’M DONE: What it Feels Like to Graduate High School

There’s no class ring. No cap and gown. No prom.

At least for me.

But what I got? In its own way, it was better.


I didn’t have to worry about whether a guy would ask me to prom, or what dress would be both dad-approved and Amanda-approved.

I didn’t have to wear a stuffy gown, or be afraid I’d trip on my way to getting my diploma.


Flowers from my parents, arranged by my sister Rachel

To me, there wasn’t really a moment when I was officially graduated from high school. I mean . . . I’ve technically been done since December. This spring, I was lucky enough to just be taking dual credit classes at a local college. So . . . when did I actually graduate high school?

The world will never know. *I know it’s gonna bug you too, but it’ll be okay we’ll survive*

It was

  • Meeting people (so proud of that since I’m an introvert)
  • Striking out on my own (as in driving a car by myself, learning to put gas in the tank, getting a job, and stuff like that)
  • Paying for my food (occasionally)
  • Being responsible to complete homework on time.

It was Senior Night last Friday, when my soccer teammates gathered around the circle at half field and cheered me on as I hugged my parents (and smoothly dropped the ribbon tied to the flowers I was supposed to give my mom. #AmandaMoment). It was when I heard my friends’ applause, their hooting and hollering, their cheering; in that moment, I felt so loved. It was the moment my mom gave me a card with a huge bouquet of roses my sister Rachel arranged herself. When Esther gave me a huge bag of Sour Patch Kids; when Korbyn gave me another bouquet of flowers.

Flowers from Korb <3

And it was today, when I left Stratton Hall for the last time. Stratton Hall, home of my History of Civilization class, the bane of every college kid’s existence. For me, Stratton Hall is this amazing symbol of my life. Ever since I was about 9, I would go in there and perform for piano concerts. And when I was 15, Stratton took on a new meaning for me. It became the place I went for my New Testament Class; and then my Intro to the Arts; and then Civ.

It’s seen me change and become the person I am now.

I’ll never forget the smell. I can’t explain it, but it smells like Bob Jones. Like sharp pencils and knee-high skirts, perfectly straight grass and the Bible. Some people hate that smell.

But I love it.

During senior night, everyone made it sound so melodramatic, like they were sending us off to war. At first, I thought it was ridiculous. But, in a way . . . it’s true. We are being sent to a war. A War against the World. God’s children versus everyone else.

We’re lucky, though. People fighting in the Civil War didn’t know what was going to happen; people thought The Great War would be the end of all wars; and during World War II, many thought that Hitler’s grimy claws would clasp everything and seep into the free world.

If you’re a Christian, you’re fighting a battle you’re guaranteed you’ll win. That doesn’t mean you’ll win every battle. Unfortunately, we’re not perfect (well, no one except me . . . kidding, kidding). But God promises we’ll win the war.

It seems UNREAL that I’m going to be a college student this fall. That I’ll be pushed to my academic and physical limits.

BUT I’M SO READY. High school was great, but I realized that a lot of highschoolers are immature. It may be that I’m just an Old Woman at heart (AMEN), but I felt more comfortable at college than perhaps anywhere else (besides where my friends are).

When I was younger, I saw College Amanda as having her act together. But nope.

Now begins the process of me jumping into the deep end of the pool, even though I’m only five-foot-one. It’s time to realize what the world is about, and to dedicate myself to making it better than it was when I was born.

So what is your life goal? I think everyone should have one. And yes, it’s very melodramatic, but drama is kinda my thing.

I can sum my life up in a word:

I want to do the impossible. I want to go impossible places, love impossible people, and conquer the impossible. It should be impossible that I’m saved; it should be impossible that I’m alive and breathing right now. But God saved me because He’s good, and He gives me breath every second and keeps me going.


Goodbye, highschool. Goodbye, normalcy. Goodbye, Comfort Zone.

Hello, college.

Hello, Impossible.

Do you want to do the impossible? What is your life goal?

*In case you didn’t see the post where I told y’all this: I’m attending Bob Jones University in the fall, just a credit shy of being a sophomore. I’ll be studying graphic design and, hopefully, have a minor in creative writing (I’ve heard rumors they are taking the minor away and SO HELP ME BOB DO NOT DO THIS TO ME). My plan is to continue posting on this blog, and to continue editing the magazine. I may have to adjust, but I can promise I am going to try. I love doing the impossible, remember? ;)

  • Thanks so much, Maddy!! Isn’t it crazy?! Ahhhh good luck on the speech! Practice it SO MUCH that you nearly have it memorized. That’s what I did for my speech class! ;) Enjoy your last year as a high schooler; it will go so fast!!

  • Marion Collins

    Congratulations and good luck at college. You are going to do great!

    • Awwww you’re so sweet! Thanks a million! ;)

  • Rachel

    You literally almost made me cry! I’m so super proud of you; you have done above what I even dreamed I’d be doing! Your words are so powerful! I now feel like I have a week to find a word and write a touching goodbye to high school life. I might as well start by keeping a diary of this final week (and finals week). Congratulations!

    • Awwwww haha well that was kinda my goal so YAY! Lol. I love writing goodbyes to things. I have a very hard time allowing chapters of my life to close, so I take to what I love best (writing) to cope with it. It really does help! Please let me know what your word is. ;) Good luck, and congrats to you too!

  • Sara Eubanks

    Congrats, Amanda! I’m so excited for you!! Recently I’ve been very worried about colleges and life after high school, but this post has made me remember that God has everything under control, and all I have to do is trust in Him. Thank you for this post. <3 And I'm excited for what you'll accomplish​ in the future. :)

    • Thanks, Sara!! :) You are soooo welcome. I understand the struggle . . . stress levels are on HIGH right now. Growing up is quite terrifying, lol! Thanks for being a part of the journey. ;)