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Things I Am Afraid Of

What are YOU afraid of? Monsters? Teachers? Spiky haircuts? RULERS??

There is much to be afraid of in our world. With things such as responsibility, komodo dragons, and cheesy movies lurking around every corner, it’s a dangerous time to be living. Here are just a few things I am afraid of. Let me know in the comments below what makes you scream like a wee baby.

Ah!!! *shrieks*



For as long as I can remember (which is approximately yesterday) I have hated the vegetables with a passion. If I were as passionate about school as I am about vegetables, I could probably be a rocket scientist.

I don’t know why, I’ve just never liked them (vegetables, not rocket scientists, I love those rocket scientists). And the funny thing is, I haven’t tried a majority of vegetables. The only ones I like are broccoli and green beans, and even then I have certain criteria they must abide by OR I SHALL EXCUSE THEM FROM MY GLORIOUS PRESENCE.

Other vegetables I have tried: carrots and tomatoes.

That is all.


They’re always, like, trying to be friendly and stuff, ya know? It’s just so annoying.

And then some of them will obsessively flirt


Pretend you don’t even exist.

Not sure which one is worse.


I am dead serious about this one.

Bees terrify me.

They’re always buzzing around me (doesn’t matter if I’m not wearing a flowery color, they just like me) and trying to, ya know, STING ME, and stuff. I don’t know why, but the idea of getting stung terrifies me.


My time is extremely valuable. Like, if I were ever to go into debt, I could easily pay it off by just SELLING MY TIME because it is so valuable.

Therefore, I hate watching a movie I think is going to be bae but then it ends up being stupidness. Not a good kind of stupid. The bad kind of stupid. The stupid where you would’ve rather eaten a cheesy melon and done the square dance with a circle.


Most people are AFRAID of full calendars, but, for me, it’s a blank calendar that makes me shiver in my seat.

I love having stuff to do.

I know, I am a strange little noodle, but it’s the truth. I love being busy (not over-the-top busy, then I become a melting carton of icecream)!! I need busy-ness. I thrive on a full schedule.

HOW CAN THIS NOT SCARE YOU. Like I’m panicking already and this is just hypothetical.

Because I live with four guys, all of which eat way more than they should, I am constantly having to FIGHT FOR MY LIFE, i.e. claim my pizza and scream bloody murder if I do not get my slice. I’m kidding about the screaming, but if they don’t leave pizza for me . . . it is pretty bad.

As you can see, my fears are completely normal and relateable. Maybe they have therapy classes for being afraid of vegetables.

So, what are you afraid of? Serious or funny? ;)

  • Jenny S

    Awkward situations. Which is basically my life, so yeah.
    And yes BEES AND HORNETS AND YELLOW JACKETS and just all the stinging things.

  • Lainey

    I got a kick out of the humans one, but I get ya ;P #IntrovertsUNITE

  • Grace Anne Johnson

    My heart is hurting that you don’t like tomatoes XD

    • Hahahaha I KNOW I’M SO WEIRD ;0 Everyone says they’re so good!