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Lady in Waiting: The Post You’ve Been Looking For

True love.  Those two little words bring to mind romance and fairytales and happily ever after, do they not?

  • So how do you know if he’s the ONE?
  • I really like this guy, but do I really love him?
  • What if God never sends me a prince? What if I’m to be an old maid?
  • What if. . .? What  if. . .? What if. . .?

Don’t get caught up in the fears and worries, they’ll get you nowhere fast. Instead, read this post!

Hullo, there!  My name is Sarah and I’m here to share the value of choosing to be a Lady in Waiting – no matter what – and allowing God full control of your life, which begins by chasing Him first and foremost. God has been the best-selling author for CENTURIES, right?  So why not allow Him to pen your romance?

Four things, dear friends, and please, take them to heart!

  • Chase God,
  • Pray often,
  • Avoid idleness,
  • and dress appropriately.

– The Chase –

Who (or what) are you chasing? A boyfriend?  A car?  Fashion?  New gadgets?  Music?

The fact is, anything can become an idol. 

Our King asks a simple thing of us: Seek Me.  If you do this, there is no room for idols, unintentional or otherwise.  And He can take you on some wonderful adventures.  However, He doesn’t promise a trial-free ride. There will be troubles and sorrow wherever you may turn, but as long as you remember He loves you (warts and all!) and He’ll NEVER leave you even when it seems every one else has, then you will find joy and peace.

At ages 14, 15, and 16, a girl transforms from a cute caterpillar (or a rather knobbly-kneed one in my case) to a gorgeous butterfly.

It’s at those ages, on average, where to the young butterfly, the boys who once had cooties begin to look quite handsome.

And so, they might pester their parents for new clothing, sparkly make-up, and fab hairstyles to “catch” the boys. That, in itself, can become an idol. Girls believe they need those things to find their true love, when it’s not up to them to “find” him.

EVERY LOVE STORY IS DIFFERENT. I’ve read a variety of books regarding relationships – to date or not to date, courtship, boundaries whilst dating, etc. etc. I’ve seen truckloads of boyfriends and girlfriends come and go before my eyes and, admittedly, once found myself longing to take that ride. To have someone to spend hours with, to talk to, to laugh with. Every girl wishes for that at some point. But it’s up to her to choose who she chases – boys, or God.

You are beautiful. And if you focus more on your inner beauty, rather than the beauty that is fleeting and vain, than that inner gem of God’s daughter (you!) will shine all the brighter. And that, my dears, may just be the thing that the right man sees and pursues.

– Pray Often –

Pray for your future husband. Surrender him into the Lord’s hands and you will find His tranquil peace.  Who knows, he could be stuck in a tree somewhere and your prayer is the nudge he needs to get free! Seriously, your future groom could be struggling in his faith. Perhaps he hasn’t accepted God yet. Maybe he’s getting established in a new home and job. Maybe he’s already prayed for you, given you to his King, and is focused on his career until God throws you two together. There’s endless possibilities of reasons why you haven’t “found” him yet.

God always has a good reason.

And, guys, it works both ways!

– Avoid Idleness –

The term “lady-in-waiting,” once referred to a maidservant assigned to a noblewoman, a personal slave to be at her beck and call. This means that the maiden was never idle. She had numerous chores to attend to in order to best serve her mistress. In much the same way, we are instructed to avoid the ways of the sluggard.

The Proverbs 31 woman is a beautiful, albeit difficult, example to follow.

While we are not perfect people, God has granted us a “How to Live” life manual in His holy Bible. And the 31st chapter of Proverbs is a grand place to start.

If you find yourself on the computer for hours at a time, or fiddling with your phone all the live-long day, or daydreaming constantly, or browsing channels and never finding anything good, then that is probably a good sign that you are rather lazy.


Sorry, but you gotta do something! Don’t miss the little moments. Instead of watching a show or movie on a week-night, grab the family and play a card or board game. Read a book for at least 30 minutes every night. Or better yet, read the Bible! The book of John is a great way to begin, if you don’t know where to start. And there’s always the book of Proverbs, which has 31 chapters – read one each day and begin again next month. Pick memory verses to memorize – either as a game or put them to song. THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO. Find/feed a hobby. Start a small business. Find a part-time job to bring in a little income and add to the savings account rather than spending. . . Believe me, you’ll be delighted you did.

Beware of laziness. But don’t ever get to the point you are too busy for family, for church, for anything.  There’s a balance!

– Dress Appropriately –

Oh dear, oh dear, tut tut. This one can be a pretty touchy subject for some lovely folks. But alas, it must be said.

Princesses, if you wish to be treated as the gems you are, you must dress and act like one. Of course, this doesn’t mean change your entire wardrobe to fancy ballgowns and tiaras and wave a dainty hand in the manner you learned from The Princess Diaries. . . It means be aware of your modesty and that of your character.  How you dress will show the state of your heart. No one wants to see unmentionables in any place. Cleavage, midriff, and mini skirts might be attractive to some guys, but they are NOT the guys you should be signaling.

Don’t dress to impress.  Dress to shine.

It’s guaranteed if you start acting and dressing like a lady – a princess – then the guys around you will notice and perhaps begin acting more like gentlemen – princes. Your attire, believe it or not, can show your inner beauty and what you know is most important.  Doesn’t matter what everyone else is wearing or thinking. You can dress modestly AND be the most stunning, classy, elegant maiden in the room. Your future husband will most likely be DRAWN to your character and the gorgeous butterfly inside.

“. . .for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7)

Chase God.  Pray!  Be aware of your character and actions (or lack of action).  And be conscious of your dress.  Simple enough, right?  But it takes application, effort.  Trust me, it’s worth it!

-What about dating?-

If you are wondering about dating, or if you’ve dated for a while, but everything seems dull and pointless; if you’ve given up on finding Mr. Right and want to just settle for a Mister, then I encourage you to read a book called The Chase: Trusting God with Your Happily Ever After by Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky. I give it a hearty five star review and recommend it to ALL single ladies (and guys)!

Kyle and Kelsey share their experiences in dating, the good and the bad, and the moment they gave all to God and allowed Him control of their love lives. They touch the topics of purity, fear, doubts, and the thread of their adventure once they gave the Lord their all. It’s such a sweet love story and a definite must-read for all singles struggling with the unknown and wishing for an ever after.

Thank you so much to Amanda and the contributors of SKG Fun. I’ve had a blast and hope to visit again and again.

Please know I welcome any questions or comments regarding these topics mentioned above. Blogging is a passion I have enjoyed for many years (rather off and on), and the idea that I can maybe-possibly-hopefully mentor some of you delightful, young ladies is a lovely thought! I would love to share my experiences and use them to bless others.

What are your thoughts on dating? Did any of these tips really strike you? Do you have any questions for Sarah?

  • You’re so welcome!!

  • This was absolutely powerful and encouraging, Sarah! I love your simple but utterly life-changing steps: Chase God, Pray Often, Avoid Idleness, and Dress Appropriately. Steps I want to always remember! Thank you so much for sharing! <3

    • So glad you liked it! It was great to collaborate with Sarah. <3

  • Adina

    Great post!
    (I love your necklace by the way!)

    • Thanks girl! ;) I love it too haha.