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50 Things Cool People Do

I wish I were a Cool People. However, I am not. But I see a lot of people around me who are the Cool People (none of my friends, of course). Perhaps you want to be a Cool People, so here are some tips.

If you want to be a Cool People, you should:

  1. Tell people you are cool.
  2. Wear ripped jeans and/or
  3. Shirts that show off belly buttons no one wants to see.
  4. Also wear sunglasses in winter and
  5. long sleeves in summer.
  7. Drive like a banshee and
  8. Pass old men driving too slow.
  9. Throw fake gang symbols around.
  10. Post consistently on Instagram with feely song lyrics and
  11. Post consistently on Instagram with selfies of people that aren’t even your friends.
  12. Tell other people they’re not cool.
  13. Surf.
  14. Ride a skateboard.
  15. Punch a shark.
  16. Own a shark.
  17. Be owned by a shark.
  18. Surf on a skateboard while punching a shark.
  19. Eat granola bars
  20. And spinach milkshakes
  21. And kale
  22. And water probably.
  23. Go to concerts and take pictures with celebrities that don’t even know who you are.
  24. Complain about THE CALORIES. In everything.
  25. Use emojis in texting, in fact don’t even use words.
  26. Mispel thingz.
  27. Give people free candy
  28. And then take it away again.
  29. Use way too much perfume.
  30. Get multiple piercings.
  31. Dye your hair a color that doesn’t match your skin tone.
  32. Get a fake, orange spray tan.
  33. Buy a small, yippy dog.
  34. Wear lace
  35. And chokers
  36. And those shoes that you have to tie around your ankles.
  37. Pretend money is no object.
  38. Say you didn’t study for a test when you actually did.
  39. Flirt with EVERYONE (and I mean everyone, sheep and frogs and llamas included).
  40. Hide the tv remote.
  41. Paint your nails everyday.
  42. Follow all the latest trends no matter how ugly/stupid they may be.
  43. Reapply your makeup every half an hour.
  44. Always be overdressed.
  45. Say that reading isn’t cool.
  46. Go to Starbucks.
  47. Love shopping at Target and Anthropologie.
  48. Be one of those people at the theater.
  49. Agree with everything other cool people say.

Congrats! You are on the way to being a cool people!

  • Honey Dew

    This made me laugh and laugh! You are so funny!

  • Sofia Race

    Lol, loved it. Especially #22 :)



  • Zane Jones

    Pardon me, I’m just over here cracking up. 😂

    • Glad I could make you laugh. ;)