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Just Do It: One of My Dreams Came True

Hey, kids!

This is the first post I’ve written since I started college and successfully vanquished preseason. I went into preseason being absolutely and utterly terrified. I usually go into things certain I’m going to fail (which isn’t right and I’m working on it) but I was worried on a number of levels.

questions amanda had

Will I be able to run a fast enough mile? (I had thought we had to run a mile in under 6:50)

Will I beat the beep test?

Will I feel absolutely out of my league?

Will the girls be nice?

All these questions haunted me constantly, and this ever-present voice whispered in my ear that I WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO DO IT.

The day before I left for preseason, my dad gave me a bracelet. It was silver and sleek and had the words “Enjoy the journey” on it. And that’s exactly what I did! I determined in my heart that, no matter what, even if I really really stunk at every single drill, I would enjoy the opportunity God gave me.

BJU Bruins

Preseason was amazing. There were so many windy car rides, fits of laughter and crossword battles. I wouldn’t change any aspect of it. For three short weeks, my friends and I owned Bob Jones campus (along with the volleyball girls haha). Then the rest of the humans came and I remembered that preseason would come to an end and . . . dare I say it . . . I was sad!

When God can prove you totally and utterly wrong by turning a fear into a fond memory, it’s really a slap in the face. But a much-needed one.

So whatever scares you right now, embrace it. Realize that someday you’ll look back, knowing what the end of that chapter was, and be glad you went through all that no matter what the ending looked like.

Because in the fabrics of time is a scared little girl, unsure and very much a homeschooler, who hasn’t found her place in life yet. A scared little girl who writes down on a piece of paper that one of her 16 wishes; one of her goals on a bucket list; one of her 21 tasks to do before she turns 21 is to be on a college soccer team.

And well . . . that happened. ;)

  • Zane Jones

    CONGRATS, AMANDA!! (Also, it’s pretty cool you’re at Bob Jones – I know some people there! XD)

    • Awwwwww thanks!! <3 Haha super cool! Maybe I know some of them!

  • Honey Dew

    You did it! I am so proud of you. So glad that you are able to see your dreams come true! I look forward to seeing what comes next in the future!

  • Adelle

    WAY TO GO AMANDA!! I will certainly be coming to the home games!

  • Lisa // Inkwell

    What? Do you go to BJ University? Ohmyword I am a fan of their curriculum – I used some of their books when I was homeschooled! And you know, I know what you mean. I woke that one day and realized that I had made it to those tennis lessons I had wanted for ever and I thought, “hey, I’m making my dreams come true”, :D


    • I do, yes! I’m one credit away from being a sophomore there. Go you!! It’s the best feeling ever.

  • CONGRATULATIONS, AMANDA!!!!! *throws confetti and hands you a bowl of ice cream*
    – Maddy |

    • Thanks for the icecream lol! <3

  • Congrats congrats congrats! It is so cool that you are in a soccer team and in college and did one of the things you wanted to do. Lots of coolness. Haha.