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Hand Lettering: It’s Pretty Much Therapy

I don’t know why, but rainy days inspire me. Maybe it has to do with my personality type?

The other day, it was super rainy and I had this weird craving to do hand lettering.

Like the title of this post sayshand lettering is so therapeutic. I love watching the ink come out of the pen and swooping my arm around and seeing beautiful letters take shape.

Lately, I’d just been doing plain lettering. I wanted to experiment with watercolor and white pens, so I did! Here’s some of my work.

-A Tip for You-

Start a “Words” board on Pinterest. I pin all my favorite inspirational quotes there (although I also pin some of my favorites to my “Love” or “Read” boards).

– Note about the ugly one on the right –

This one was a mistake, but I’m going to show it to you guys anyway because we learn best with mistakes. The green was way too dark so the black pen didn’t work, and even when I did a white pen THE COLOR STILL KIND OF DROWNED IT OUT

Isn’t that a beautiful quote though?? #WutheringHeights

*cool paint smear at the bottom of the page*

Emily Dickinsin was a terrifying genius. Ever read her poems? They’re pure gold! They’re all like riddlesYou really have to think to figure out what she’s talking about.

– The one on the left –

I was mixing up watercolor and it was dripping all over the place. At first I was trying to keep it from getting everywhere, but then I was like . . . BUT WHY?? So I made the brush really wet and then splattered it all over the paper.

It was also super fun experimenting with print. I love trying to manipulate letters so they fit within/next to each other. IT’S SO FUN. #WhyIAmGoingIntoGraphicDesign

– The one on the right –




I love the red watercolor and the texture of the paintbrush?? Eek, so cool!

It’s kind of like those messy, “effortless” buns. They look easy to do but actually took lots of time and thought. 

*not happy with how this picture turned out* The black needs to be more black. But besides that . . .

Another one messing around with splattered dots! Those really big dots were on accident but actually ended up going with the quote PERFECTLY! I just added a bit of white marker to it and they looked adorable.

– #GonnaCry –

This is my personal favorite! <3 It’s a quote from The Book Thief (which is a tear-jerking, soul-destroying book AND movie). I love the brilliance of the blue and the white marker really just makes it look sleek.

– The one on the left –

I saw this on my Pinterest feed and it had beautiful rhythm and I immediately saw it in my head so why not? Also, I’m really into drawing arrows (but who isn’t right now?).

– The one on the right –

This one is not my favorite . . . my eight-year-old brother made a face when he saw it.

Bengamin: Do you like that one?

Me: . . . No, not really.

Benjamin: Yeah, I don’t either.


– The one on the left –

Ahhhhhh I just love all the dots so much! The only thing about them is that they can be a bit distracting to the quote, but the quote is powerful enough. #JackAndRoseForever

– The one on the right –

Hahahaha classic Emily Dickinson. ;) I actually forgot to fill this one in and make it look like calligraphy. (I fixed it later but didn’t take a picture). And below . . .

More Emily Dickinson! The blue and red splatters, while perfectly patriotic, invoke movement which is just what this quote is about.

Do you hand letter? Which one was your favorite?

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    HANDLETTERING IS MY PASSION!!!! (Well, one of them. . . heheh) These all look so professional! Well done, girl! I LOVE all the pretties. Emily Dickerson’s poetry has always inspired me – plus, I have a weakness for rhymes. And the quote from Little Women! Awwww. I also love the one from Wuthering Heights, though I’ve never read the book. . . I didn’t care for the movie, so you could say that’s why I never read the book. . . But I’ve loved that quote. :]

    Well done, my friend!

    • Haha same here though! I love dabbling in a bit of everything, therefore I am passionate about many things! Yes, I must admit that for a while, poetry that doesn’t rhyme bugged me SO. BADLY. I love Emily Dickinson because her poetry is not easily understandable to the average person. I feel like you have to be a really deep person to understand what she was getting at. I’d never seen that quote in Little Women before but it’s beautiful!

      Thanks, girl! I’ll reply to your email soon. :)

  • Zane Jones

    Oh my goodness, your hand lettering is absolutely gorgeous. I’m working on hand lettering/fake calligraphy and am really enjoying it! The Emily Dickenson one is my favorite. It’s just SO PRETTY. <333 You could sell your art. Seriously.

    • Awww thanks! You’re so sweet. ;) It’s just so relaxing and something I really enjoy doing!

  • THESE ARE ALL SO LOVELY!!!! <33333 I especially like the Emily Dickenson one!! It's just beautiful!! I've hand lettered a few times and I always have SO MUCH FUN with it!!
    – Maddy |

    • Thanks so much girl! Lettering is such a great hobby and fun to teach yourself.

  • Lisa // Inkwell

    Ohmyword THAT IS SO GORGEOUS I MUST TRY SOMETIME. :) THAT IS JUST GENIUS. And Emily Dickinson is my second favorite poet of al time <3


    • Awwwww thanks!! Emily Dickinson is AMAZING!!