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Why You Should Take a Tech Break

(Reminiscing on HOW. STINKING. HOT!!!!! It was when we took this photo. So much fun.)

I know I know I know…you’re rolling your eyes. “This is just another one of those TEENAGERS NEED TO PUT DOWN THEIR PHONES AND CONNECT WITH OTHER HUMANS” posts.

And . . . 

You’re right.*


But I’m only giving you guys this advice because I WENT PHONE-LESS . . . FOR A WEEK!!! 

*children of the world gasping*


Okay, so, truth be told, I never wanted to go phone-less because I thought I legit couldn’t. I thought I couldn’t function without it. How would I find friends to study with? How would I tell them where I am?



Lemme tell you.

I survived.

And I learned a lot while I was at it.

Here is my little talk about why you too should go phone-less.

– You can interact with people –

This is a lost art. How many times have you hidden behind your phone? YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, SMOL CINNAMON ROLL. You’re walking down the sidewalk at your school, or maybe through your church, and you’re feeling extra introverted. Then you see someone you know.


So you hide behind your phone.

I’m sure you’ve NEVER done this . . . but I have.

When I didn’t have my phone, I wasn’t able to use it as a barrier between myself and other people. I had to force myself to be friendly.

And it was actually nice! I couldn’t believe how many people I was saying hi to because I knew them and I was like WHOA . . . I’m so popular. ;) No, not really, but still.

There is a whole world around us that we’re missing out on!

– People can interact with you –

I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not, but the day I went phone-less SO MANY GIRLS TOLD ME THEY LIKED MY DRESS!! It was definitely over five.

While I’m not saying if you go phone-less you’ll get a bunch of people telling you your outfit looks great, I AM saying that you’ll have more opportunity to interact. And YOU can tell someone you like THEIR outfit!

Also, I found that you could share a little smile. And who knows if you made someone’s day? You never know when people are having a Monday Funday, and just smiling at them could give them the little bit of happiness they need to finish strong.

Will you give up your phone for a day or two? ;)

  • Sarah Kate

    I actually ended up getting my phone taken away for a month because I was using it during school (don’t use your phone during school, people!!!) and the first few days I was like, “UGH I’M DYING, HOW WILL I EVER SURVIVE????????” but now it’s more like, “Ahhh, no distractions for me…let’s go do something productive.” And I’ve found that not being able to use it for a whole month is actually really refreshing!!!

    • Whoa, a whole month!! Oh my goodness! It actually really is refreshing! Just don’t tell your parents lol or they’ll get ideas . . . XD

  • I just got my phone a year ago now but I’m pretty dependent on it. Haha. I think I would be willing to give up my phone for a day but maybe a day that I was actually doing something because I use my phone like after school when I’m waiting for my parents to pick me up and at home because I have nothing else to do or need to do blog stuff and don’t have access to a computer. I’m pretty sure that was a run on sentence. :)

    • It’s amazing how we can grow so attached to, basically a bit of sand and metal!! That is debatable haha!

  • I don’t have my own phone, but I have gone without wifi for a week or two and it always makes me feel better!!! I’ll have to do it again soon! :)
    – Maddy |

    • It’s a good practice; kind of like a tech cleansing. ;)