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Nine Questions to Get Your New Year’s Resolutions Going

This year, I’m being a complete Scrooge about the new year. I must admit, so far it doesn’t look like anything is going how I planned it to be. 

God has been teaching me something: You can get everything you thought you ever wanted but, since we live in a fallen world, none of those things will be perfect. They will be broken, perhaps unredeemably so, and you could lose them at any moment

God just does this to remind us that He is the only perfect thing in our sad, fallen world. He is the only person who can make us whole and complete; the only person who can make us content.

All that to say, I’m not really into making resolutions this year. However, I can’t help but make a smallish list regardless because I’m such a list fiend

I found a prompt list on Pinterest and am showing it to you so you can make a few resolutions yourself. Let’s go!

via the pinterest

– a bad habit I’m going to break –

I used to be optimistic. But now? Not so much. I see the glass as half empty . . . and full of poison. I bash myself a lot and it’s funny to me, but I think it hurts other people to hear it . . . and it also hurts the Creator who made me.

So, in 2018, I resolve to be more optimistic. No more toxic negativity!

– a new skill i’d like to learn –

Well, I’m already doing graphic design but I’d still like to get better. I really love those modern fairytale covers with all the graphics on them (you have no idea what I’m talking about, I  know, but bear with me) and flowers and animals.

I’d also like to pick up guitar. I got a ukulele for Christmas and am still working on not sounding like a twangy Hawaiian chicken.

– a person i hope to be more like –

Cinderella. Weird, I know, but every time I watch the newest Cinderella movie it makes me sob. Why? Because Cinderella is unbelievably kind and forgiving.

I want to walk around with a glow from helping others. I want to be less selfish and think of others more often. I think that’s one of the secret ingredients to being content.

– a good deed i’m going to do –

Well, I’ve always wanted to participate in a charity. Maybe I can do that? Like a soup kitchen or, at Christmas time, the Operation Christmas thing they do with the shoeboxes. This goes hand in hand with being more others-minded.

– a place i’d like to visit –

My fave vacation destination is the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. It’s so cozy and perpetually fall, even when it’s the summer. There’s something about it that makes you want to curl up with a cozy book, a cute scarf, a warm drink and a fuzzy blanket and hibernate for a few months.

However . . . 2018 is going to be CHAOTIC. I don’t know if I’ll be doing much traveling, especially to places I’ve wanted to visit (like Versailles or NYC).

In 2018, I resolve to enjoy the “normal” places I will end up visiting. Which will probably be home, school and possibly the Wilds Christian camp. It will be my friend’s house, the library at BJU and the cozy covers of my bed when I throw them over my head after an exhausting day.

– a book i’d like to read –

Just one????? JUST ONE???

Don’t do this to me.

UninvitedHuntedDreamfallLes Mis and as many other classics as possible.

– a letter i’m going to write –

I want to write a letter to my future self. Perhaps twenty years from now. I want to write down my mission statement (which I’m still deciding on); I want to remind myself of all the goals and wishes and hopes I am chasing right now.

– a new food i’m going to try –

I do not do . . .

The vegetables. 

But I need to. I don’t know why I don’t like them! I’m a HUGE texture person, so maybe I just don’t like the texture of vegetables? They’re so grainy and bitter and . . . ICK.

In 2018, I resolve to eat more vegetables. I’m not going to become a bunny overnight, but it can’t hurt to eat a carrot or two every day.

– i’m going to do better at –

Writing. I want to write every day! That’s the only way I’m ever going to get published. Even if it’s just 1000 words. I also want to do better at doing my devotions. My goal is to read the whole Bible in a year. And I’m not just saying that this year. This year is the year!!

What are your new year resolutions?

  • I like your list! I found the “Person I Hope to More Like” and “Do a Good Deed” are my favorites on your list. Normally, I try to come up with 1 resolution for the new year. This year, I’m not going to do that. I’m focusing more on the day to day.

    • Yay!! Glad it was helpful. THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD PROMPTS. I love the do a good deed one! I’m really into random acts of kindness, but usually only in theory haha. I’ve been finding that less and less people are making up unachievable resolutions and just focusing on having a better life. “New Years” resolutions can start at any time, whether it be March or August or November!! (Also, really loved taking a peek at your blog; I was also a dual credit student at my local university)

  • Adelle

    Good ideas! Check out my New Year’s post on It’s called “What Are the Days of Auld Lang Syne, Pa?”
    And Amanda, I like your goal to read the Bible in a year. Here’s a thought for you; just read some. Doesn’t have to be much! I think if you rush it, you miss a lot of good stuff. Look for intense words, surprising things. I’ve got circles and squares and lines and scribbles all over my Bible! Tell me what you think.

  • I love this list! It lets you make goals that are more well rounded so that it’s not all the same category. I’ll have to try something similar next year!


    • Isn’t it just the best??? This thing needs to be shared more often. ;) Thanks for reading!


  • Hanne T

    I love this list! It lets you make goals that are more well rounded so that it’s not all the same category. I’ll have to try something similar next year!