Welcome to SKG Fun!  We’re a blog and e-magazine, written by girls, for girls.

at a glance

Who we are: Two sisters, Amanda and Rachel, from SC partnering with companies and friends to bring you fun!

What we are: A blog and e-magazine

Why we’re here: To help you giggle and learn new things about life as a teenage girl

Who we write for: Girls ages 6-20 are our main focus, but we have a wide variety of readers both in age and gender!

How you can join: You can sign up to get our blog posts(scroll to the bottom of the page), subscribe to our e-magazine, or become an SKGfun writer! You can also join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to get special behind-the-scenes looks and updates!


e-magazine goal

We present an alternative to the modern genre of reading out there for tween and teen girls, including books and magazines. We’re not going to tell you how to make out with a guy or get ripped. We know that true beauty comes from within, and we want to help you unlock that inner beauty! We inspire girls to read and write respectable, thoughtful, deep literature that will help spark their imagination, build their mind, and bring the glory to God!

blog goal

On our blog, Amanda posts about life as a teenage girl. With her trademark sense of quirky humor, she’ll make you laugh as she gives you tips on keeping up with school, waking up earlier, and getting your brothers to stop stealing pizza from you because they’re “growing boys.”

Our goal is to help girls navigate the teen years, with big smiles and copious laughter.


SKG Fun was originally called “South Kakalaki Girl,” which “SKG” stands for. SKG Fun was founded by two sisters, Amanda and Rachel (meet them here).  Amanda started the magazine when she was about 12.  As she was searching for a name for the magazine, she remembered that her dad sometimes lovingly called South Carolina “South Kakalaki.” The name stuck for a few years, but we think you’ll agree with us that Kakalaki is a mouthful to say–and really hard to spell as well.  Hence, SKG Fun. Plus, we want you to be a part of us whether you live in the south or not!!


Amanda and Rachel (two sisters from SC) have always adored reading. One day, Amanda was at co-op when her friend, Kendel, asked a simple question. “Have you ever made a magazine before?”

With that one question, it was as if a light bulb appeared over Amanda’s head. Why not create a young girl-friendly, clean, fun e-magazine?

As co-op began, the idea swirled around in Amanda’s head. When she got home, she talked to her mom about it. Amanda’s plan was simple: to have all the girls in her co-op group submit a piece of white paper with their artwork or article on it.  But the plan was soon abandoned after Amanda’s mom suggested a better option: why not email all the girls and have them submit an article that was typed up, and then create a magazine on the computer?  At the next co-op, Amanda went around with a pen and a notebook and collected all of her friends’ contact information.

ABOUT A YEAR LATER, Amanda’s dad suggested she start a blog to go along with the e-magazine. Now the e-magazine and blog are both equally important components of SKG Fun.


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yearly themes

Every year, the SKG Fun e-magazine has a theme.

2012 — Holidays
2013 — Around the World
2014 — Christian Characteristics
2015 — School Smarts
2016 — Time Travel
2017 — Lit Love
2018 — A Girl’s Guide to Life!!


We here at SKG Fun are so lucky to be partnering with fabulous companies to create review videos.  Please note that we are never paid to write posts or create videos.  We will share our honest opinions with you all the time, and we will always review products we ourselves would use on a regular basis.  Also, pictures we use in our blogposts will either be taken by us, or from Unsplash.com. Unsplash is licensed under Creative Commons Zero, which basically means you get to use the pictures in any way you want without having to give credit to either Unsplash or the photographer. We thank Unsplash for their generous photo collection.


We have worked with fantastic companies to bring review videos to our readers.  We are so excited to have worked with these brands!  Check out all of our review videos here.