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SKGfun July/August: Historical issue

July 20

Current Sign-up Sheets

Title Date Open Spots  
SKGfun 6_5: Historical N/A 6
SKGfun 6_6: iWrite N/A 25

Info about each of the articles is below.

Book Look (4 slots)

Choose a book in the current month’s featured genre and do a review! Please check it with Amanda first. Books must not include ANY sexual scenes (undetailed kisses are acceptable), incessant cussing, or dealings with the occult. SKGfun reserves the right not to publish your article if it does not line up with our standards. Don’t forget you agreed to this when you became a writer! ;)

Five Stars (1 slot)

In your “professional” opinion, what is the difference between a five star and a one-star book? Can you look over a terrible plotline if the characters are loveable? Will you shut a book if the love triangle makes you want to sob for all the cheesiness? Check out Amanda’s article at for ideas.

Lessons from Lit (1 slot)

Lessons learned from a book you’ve read (in the featured genre).


How to Find Morals in a Book (1 slot)

What you’re reading is sending messages flying through your brain. How do you find, and react, to these messages?


Flick or Flop? (2 slots)

Did you like Jane Eyre better as a book or a movie? Why? Did you find yourself falling asleep while reading Pride and Prejudice, yet clamoring for more while watching the movie?


Writer Spotlight (2 slots)

Either interview an author who writes in our featured genre or write a bio on them (because it may be hard to have a chat with Jane Austen or J. M. Barrie . . .).


Book-Themed Outfits (1 slot, but writer needs to send in at least three outfits)

Sherlock Holmes is obviously a trench coat and cute pencil skirt. Jane Eyre? Lace top and pearls. Peter Pan? Green and feathers. Choose a book written in our featured genre and create a list of items from your favorite store that make an outfit that inspires us to read.


My Favorite Character (2 slots)

Are you fascinated by Heathcliffe? Do you see eye to eye with Lizzie Bennet? Do your sympathies lie with Scout Finch? Explain to us who your favorite character is (a little character sketch, and perhaps some quotes, will do), what story they are from, and why they’ve captured your affections, as well as how you are/aren’t like them.


Why I Don’t Like This Genre/Why I Love This Genre (2 slots, one writer writes why they do like the genre, the other writes why they don’t like this genre)

Partner up with another writer to debate whether this genre is THE BESTEST of all.


Book Art (4 slots)

Redesign the cover of your favorite book, or doodle a picture of what you think the protagonist looks like.


One Sentence Spoilers (1 slot)

Don’t actually spoil these stories for us, but in your own words, give us one funny sentence to sum up a list of books from this month’s featured genre.


Specialty Articles (for specific issues only) (1 slot for each)


CONTEMPORARY: Support (The Fault in Our Stars)

Bad things happen. That’s just a part of life. But what do we do when our best friend has to deal with her dad dying or her brother getting cancer? Do we give advice? Listen? Shower them in food and gifts? For this article, talk about how we can give support to people during the hard times of life.


CONTEMPORARY: Rites of Passage (Christy Miller Series)

Outline the life of a typical girl. (For example: Born, learn how to walk, get a bike, first crush, start to wear makeup, first heartbreak, get license, beg dad for pierced ears, fall in love, etc.)


CONTEMPORARY: Sisters Before Misters (The Secret Language of Sisters)

What are some great things about having sisters? Some terrible things about having sisters? What is your relationship with your sister?


HISTORICAL: Behind the Scenes

Share some not-well-known facts about historical people whose books you read about. Maybe you’ll find the story of a woman who survived the sinking of the Titanic, or discover the real story behind Elizabeth I. Kind of like a biography, but more like a chatty biography.



What is your favorite historical event to read fiction about? The Civil War? World War II? The fall of the Romanovs? Why?


If you have any other book-themed specialty articles, let Amanda know!