Finding the Perfect Gift for the Confusing Guy in Your Life Who Can’t Tell You What He Wants for Christmas

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Finding a gift for people is hard. Finding a gift for a guy? HA. Let me ride a hamster to school. Or fit my life goals in a thimble. Or eat a clock whilst balancing a lightsaber on my nose. All more doable than finding a decent present for a guy. So, I asked my friend (who is […]

A Witty Gift Guide to Make You Laugh (& Maybe Inspire You)

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Shopping for people is hard. I mean, I don’t even know what I want, let alone someone else. So here’s a tongue-in-cheek guide to what to get for people. It’s not serious, so if you’re actually looking for tips, those will probably be coming soon enough because I’ve become an Etsy genius. But until then . . […]

Having a Date Doesn’t Make or Break You

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I was in my philosophy class the other day. It was missions week, and numerous different camp directors had flocked to the campus of Bob Jones University to pitch their camps to countless starry-eyed college kids willing to commit to another three months without sleep. Our teacher invited one of these camp directors to speak […]

A Guide to Doing Devotions

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Sometimes, doing devotions can be hard. I should know, I grew up reading the KJV. Here are some common problems we face when doing (or not doing) devotions. It seems like, no matter the time, there’s always some other MORE PRESSING MATTER that we could be attending to rather than doing devotions. But don’t allow the fact that you […]

Best Blogs and Books for Guy Advice: A Roundup (YEEHAWWWW)

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Sometimes I do this random thing and send out a survey and ask for peoples’ opinions and then I read through the answers and just sit in my little chair Indian style with Lucy on my lap and giggly evilly and IGNORE ALL THE ADVICE. I’m just kidding. I really do like your advice. THAT’S WHY I ASK FOR […]