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People are very inquisitive.  That’s why we have this page, to answer any questions you may have about the SKG.  If you have a question, scroll to the bottom of the page and submit it.

– What does SKG in SKGfun stand for? –

South Kakalaki Girl.

– What is a South Kakalaki Girl? –

A South Kakalaki Girl is any girl who reads our e-magazine!

– How do you pronounce Kakalaki? –

Ka-kuh-la-kee.  Bonus points if you use a southern accent!

– What is the story behind the name South Kakalaki Girl? –

Amanda’s dad occasionally would call South Carolina “South Kakalaki.”  As a little 12-year-old with a knack for spelling, this seemed like the perfect name.  Hey, all I can say is that at least it makes a good username since it’s never taken!

– How do I contribute to the SKGfun e-magazine? –

Only SKG writers may submit articles for our e-magazine.  If you are interested in being a writer, submit your writing and contact info at this application page.

– How do I contribute to the SKGfun blog? –

We’d love to include your post on our website, especially if you own a blog of your own!  Write us through the Contact Us page and we will arrange to exchange guest posts.

– How do I sign up to receive the SKG e-magazine? –

We love sharing our magazine!  Sign up on our Subscribe to the E-magazine page.

– How much does the SKGfun e-magazine cost? –

The SKGfun e-magazine is absolutely free!

– How do I get off of the SKGfun e-magazine mailing list? –

We will be really sorry to see you go, but you may unsubscribe at www.southkakalakigirl.com/unsubscribe-to-the-skg-newsletter/.

– I would like the SKGfun to create a review video and/or giveaway for my company/book/etc. How do I go about doing that? –

Currently, we are not creating review videos at this time. Life just ran away with us, holding a bucket of time in its hands. However, we’d still love to know you’re interested. Write us on our contact page and we’ll see what we can do.

– Where can I find an SKGfun blog button? –

We can’t thank you enough for wanting to share us with your friends. The blog button is below. Just right click and save to your computer.

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