Formatting & Tips

There are three parts of your article that you should include.

  • The title
  • Your name
  • Body of the article
  • Sources (if applicable)

Formatting (These are really optional, but strongly suggested): Submit your articles as a Word Document or PDF file. A regular font like Times New Roman or Georgia. Normal margins.

The title

The title is the first thing your reader will see. It’s what encourages the reader to get excited about your article and therefore read it. It’s very important! Imagine you’re reading a magazine and stumble onto your article. What title would make you want to read it? “A History of Art” or “Mysteries of the Art World: Unlocked”?

Your name

We generally use your first and last name. However, as a writer, you have the right to change your name from Samantha Ingrid Hunter to Samantha Hunter, Sam Hunter, S. I. Hunter, Samantha H., or even use a pseudonym (not recommended unless your parents wish this; but if you do use a pseudonym, I strongly recommend Darth Vader or Leia Skywalker).

Please note that the e-magazine is posted online. If your parents don’t want you sharing your name, let us know and we’ll keep it safe by using on the first initial.

Body of the article

Keep your article short and concise, but applicable. Watch out for misspellings, pronoun/antecedent disagreement, and passive voice. Make sure to use correct punctuation! Even the small things count.


This would be for articles like useless facts, wise sayings, or recipe. Make sure to include the website/book you found your facts, sayings, or recipe from.

Questions?  Ask us!