If the Sky Fell


Samantha Hunter is disoriented and distraught.

After her family dies in a catastrophic car accident, she is sent to a Christian orphanage. Her family served the God of Heaven, but Samantha can’t understand how they could have put their faith in a God who destroys lives so effortlessly. In her despair, she sidesteps God and strains to pave her own path through a forest of life.
On the outside, she is an average teen. But Samantha knows that in the depths of her heart she’s broken . . . and continuing to break.
Everything’s going wrong. It’s like the sky is falling, and Samantha is screaming for help—but no one can hear her. When she disappears in the forest while on a teen hiking activity, everyone fears for her life.


Will Samantha escape the woods of Mount Kiliwaki, or will she be lost forever?


SKGfun founder, magazine editor, and blog manager Amanda Brown has written a 73,000 word YA Christian fiction novel. You can help her in her path to publication by reading the chapters as she posts them on the SKGfun blog and commenting with your support.

I wanna read it.