Lit Love


Maybe we haven’t ever physically traveled to the Orient or seen Big Ben. Maybe we haven’t even left our country. But, we, as readers, have been princesses in France and passengers on the Titanic. We’ve lived in a small southern town and been friends with all the neighbors, and we’ve been hermits in fantastical hovels.

We only got one life.

But, through reading, we can experience many more lives. We can experience suffering we’ve never been through and joy we only dream of one day finding.

We? Yeah. We’re bookworms.

We believe in happy endings. We believe in Prince Charming. We believe in a life story captured in a mere 200 pages.

And that’s why our 2017 theme is “Lit Love.”

But it’s hard to find decent books.

So in 2017, SKGfun is helping you be the best bookworm you can be with our “Lit Love” theme. First, you’ll want to check out our (Almost) Definitive List of All the Books You’ll Ever Want to Read. I say “Almost” because we’re going to find even more decent books this year that you can read and enjoy.

How exactly do you discern if a book is good, though? The Bible doesn’t have a chapter called “How To Choose Good Reading Material.” Well, Amanda wrote a post just for you. Check out The Reading Game: Book Discernment to get a jumpstart on learning how to decide whether a book is worth reading or not.

And lastly, a usually safe book genre is classics.  While there are some *spicy* classics, you’ll gain amazing insight into the human nature (and experience some decent writing) if you choose to read classics. Here’s a longer discourse on why classics are your new favorite genre.