SKG of the Year

If you are an SKG blog or e-magazine reader, you have a chance at a wonderful opportunity: to become the next SKG of the Year.

The winner of this award will receive a $20 gift card to Old Navy. So, here’s how you could win!

– if you’re a writer –

  • Send in your articles on time
  • Sign up for articles
  • Give your best writing
  • Purchase an SKGfun t-shirt
  • Tell people about SKGfun
  • Really stand out against the crowd!

– if you’re a reader –

  • Let us know what part of the e-magazine was your favorite!
  • Follow us on social media
  • Engage in social media
  • Buy an SKGfun t-shirt
  • Give us ideas for content!
  • Tell people about our blog/e-magazine
  • Be passionate about what we do!