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SKGfun reserves the right to refuse any article that contains 1.) inappropriate content (included but not limited to racist comments, anything sexual, negative comments against authority, etc.), 2.) beliefs that SKGfun does not agree with (we base our beliefs on the Bible, God’s Holy Word), or 3.) profanity. SKGfun only wants to provide its readers with wholesome content, and any article that contradicts our standards will be discarded.

SKGfun also reserves the right to edit submitted articles. Although we do try to keep your article as close to the original as possible, we will correct 1.) spelling or punctuation errors, 2.) wording we deem confusing, 3.) untrue facts, 4.) random comments that have nothing to do with your article topic, 5.) emoticons or words such as LOL or ROFL, etc. We will also change any provided Bible verses to the KJV—this is only for consistency.

If a writer ever plagiarizes or turns in a photograph that is not her own and claims she photographed it (which is also a form of plagiarism), the SKG reserves the right to suspend the writer for two SKGfun issues. After that time period, if the writer wants, she may continue writing for SKGfun with no discrimination because of her previous acts.

SKGfun is not responsible for any inaccurate information in its magazine pages, or on the blog. We strive to share accurate information, but it’s always possible to miss something. People are not perfect.

Current reading material in our world today has been tainted and darkened. In our pages, we strive to share clean and positive articles that leave readers feeling blessed. We will not stand down for our faith; however, we will not push our beliefs on others. You are free to accept or reject things we say, and we will not discriminate against you for any reason. Additionally, just because our pages are filled with positive articles does not mean we will not stand up for what we believe in. However, we believe that at this time it is best to look at the glass as half full.