SKG Writer of the Year

If you are an SKG writer, you have a chance at a wonderful opportunity: to become the next

SKG Writer of the Year!

The winner of this award will receive a $20 gift card to Old Navy. So, here’s how you could win!

  1. Sign up for a job for every issue.
  2. Tell us what job you want to do by the due date (a week from the day the email is sent out).
  3. Turn all your articles in on time.

It’s as easy as falling off of a log!

Previous SKG Writers of the Year


The SKG Writer of the Year 2015 was Julia F!

The SKG Writer of the Year 2014 was Rachel M!

SKG 2013The SKG Writer of the Year 2013 was Bentley P!

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 9.37.52 PMCongratulations to Celine for being our South Kakalaki Girl Writer of the Year 2012!