On Becoming an Adult

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Who is allowing this?! That is my first question. I do not feel ready to become an adult. It seems like in order to become an adult, you’re supposed to just have this feeling of IMPORTANCE or RESPONSIBILITINESS. (Yes. That is a word. Stop arguing.)I do not play guitar. This picture is a beautiful lie, but let’s pretend that I do indeed play guitar. WAIT ADULTS CAN’T PRETEND WHAT IS THIS.When I was little, I saw Grown Up Amanda as being a totally different person. She would probably be wearing hi

My Thoughts On: “Women’s Rights, Feminism, and All That Good Girl Stuff”

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I’m kinda stunned. Yes. Me. Who is always as constant as a pickle floating down a river of whipped cream. I know, it’s hard to believe. But it’s true. I’ve watched news reports on women marching down streets, claiming they are being mistreated. MISTREATED, you say? boss your husband around mess around with with twenty […]

My Thoughts On: “I’m Too Busy”

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When I was younger, I noticed two things that adolescents said way too much. “I’m tired.” “I’m busy.” Unfortunately, the magic serum for being tired is something called a NAP which makes for a rather short post. A NAP. There, you have it. Use my brilliant knowledge, pineapples of the world. The second phrase, however, needs […]