My Thoughts On: “I’m Too Busy”

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When I was younger, I noticed two things that adolescents said way too much. “I’m tired.” “I’m busy.” Unfortunately, the magic serum for being tired is something called a NAP which makes for a rather short post. A NAP. There, you have it. Use my brilliant knowledge, pineapples of the world. The second phrase, however, needs […]

My Thoughts On: “Not Enough Girls Do STEM”

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It’s true: there are substantially more dudes that go into STEM careers (STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics) than girls. In a study done by NGCP, it is stated that “Male students were more likely than female students to take engineering (3% versus 1%) and computer science courses (7% versus 4%) and enrolled […]

Things I Am Afraid Of

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What are YOU afraid of? Monsters? Teachers? Spiky haircuts? RULERS?? There is much to be afraid of in our world. With things such as responsibility, komodo dragons, and cheesy movies lurking around every corner, it’s a dangerous time to be living. Here are just a few things I am afraid of. Let me know in […]